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Affairs, A Marriage &…

She fell in love with Adolf Hitler without knowing his identity! As a teenager, she dreamt of spending her entire life with a person who, to some, was referred and revered the Führer. She had the Nazi supremo as her husband, although the tenure of their conjugal life lasted little over a day (or less than 40 hours). Historians, however, are not ready to give much importance to this lady! They recently revealed some unknown facts about Hitler’s relation with his wife, Eva Braun (February 6, 1912 – April 30, 1945).
Eva Anna Paula Braun was born in Munich on February 6, 1912. Her father Friedrich Braun was a School Teacher, while mother Franziska Braun was a seamstress before her marriage. Eva’s parents were separated in 1922, but they married each other again.

Eva Braun.jpg
Eva Braun

Eva always dressed herself beautifully, and used to enjoy companionship of her male friends. Her liberal lifestyle prompted her parents to send her to a convent school. As she was not interested in Higher Studies, Eva started applying for jobs. She managed to get one in a studio, thanks to her interest in photography! And, the job changed her life! The owner of the studio was Heinrich Hoffmann, who was Adolf Hitler’s official photographer, a Nazi Politician and Publisher, and also a member of the Führer’s intimate circle! Eva met the Nazi supremo in Munich when she was a 17-year-old assistant and model for Hoffmann. Hitler was 40 at that time. Although the age gap between the two was 23, she fell in love with the German Chancellor! Eva began seeing Hitler often about two years later…

Adolf Hitler

Hitler emerged as an important political figure in Germany at that time, but he was yet to become the Great Dictator! So, it was not possible for Eva to know his actual identity. Gradually, she came closer to the Nazi leader… however, Eva had no interest in Politics, the Nazi Party, and also in Hitler’s role in contemporary German Politics! When she met Hitler for the first time (in 1929), he was in a live-in relationship with Geli Raubal. Geli’s mother, Angela, was Hitler’s older half-sister. Historians are of the opinion that a number of women had come to Hitler’s life… but, the Dictator loved Geli the most, as she was a high-spirited young girl with an infectious charm. Unfortunately, Geli wanted to marry another person from Vienna. When the world’s most feared tyrant came to know about her affair, he became furious. Finally, Geli committed suicide at the age of 23. She was found lying facedown on the floor, bloody, in a pool of a violent tragedy. There was a hole in her chest, with a lung blown to smithereens by a bullet from her uncle’s stolen pistol.


Hitler, reportedly, went into deep depression upon receiving the news. In such a situation, he met Eva in Munich. As they came closer to each other, Eva started visiting the Führer’s residence. She had to hide herself when any visitors knocked the door. Later, Hitler introduced Eva to his guests as his Secretary! As Hitler wanted to maintain his patriotic image, he decided to remain a bachelor. However, Eva had seven-eight close friends… and, one of them was actress Renate Müller!
Interestingly, all the women, who came to Hitler’s life, made an attempt to commit suicide! Müller was no exception, as one of the most successful actresses in German films from the early 1930s committed suicide on October 7, 1937 by jumping from a Berlin hospital window. Some say that that she was either murdered by Gestapo officers who threw her from the window, or that she panicked when she saw them arrive and jumped. Eva, too, was well aware of the fact that Hitler had so many lovers! She also tried to commit suicide twice in order to grab the Führer’s attention! Later, she secured her place in Hitler’s life, permanently.

Eva (R) with her family members

Eva’s family members were against this relationship from the very beginning! However, Eva ignored their advice… Hitler, too, was very much cautious about the relationship. He appointed spies to know whether Eva’s family had any Jewish connection. Eva clearly mentioned in her diary that the Führer used to make all the decisions as far as their relationship was concerned. Even, their physical intimacy used to depend on the dictator’s mood! He imposed many restrictions on Eva… Hitler didn’t allow her to drink and smoke, to attend public gatherings and to dance at parties. Still, she decided to stay with him. She refused to leave Hitler alone when the Allied Forces took Germany under control in 1945!

Eva with Hitler.jpg
Eva with Hitler

After midnight on the night of 28-29 April, 1945, Hitler married Eva in a small civil ceremony in the Führerbunker in the presence of few Senior Nazi Officials, including Joseph Goebbels and Martin Bormann. When Eva signed her Marriage Certificate, she wrote the letter ‘B’ for her family name, then crossed this out and replaced it with ‘Hitler’. After 1pm on April 30, Eva and Hitler said their farewells to the Staff and Members of the Inner Circle. At (approximately) 3:30pm, several people reported hearing a loud gunshot. After waiting a few minutes, Hitler’s valet, Heinz Linge, and his SS adjutant, Otto Günsche, entered the small study and found the lifeless bodies of the couple on a small sofa. Eva had bitten into a cyanide capsule, while Hitler had shot himself in the right temple with his pistol. The corpses were carried up the stairs and through the bunker’s emergency exit to the garden behind the Reich Chancellery, where they were cremated. Eva was 33 years old when she died.

Eva with Hitler 1.jpg
Eva and Hitler

Later, the Soviets secretly buried the remains at the SMERSH compound in Magdeburg. A Soviet KGB team with detailed burial charts secretly exhumed five wooden boxes of remains on April 4, 1970. The remains were thoroughly burned and crushed, and then the ashes were thrown into the Biederitz River, a tributary of the nearby Elbe.

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