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Category: Germany

Making Air Travel Eco-Friendly?

Germany is all set to manufacture Kerosene artificially, and not from crude oil this time. Hence, it shall not emit any kind of greenhouse gas. It shall literally become cent […]

Crisis Chancellor To Step Down

Finally, Angela Dorothea Merkel (b. July 17, 1954) has decided to step down as the Chancellor of Germany! Merkel, who has been serving as Chancellor since 2005, has lost her […]

On Hegemonic Stability Theory…

Charles Poor ‘Charlie’ Kindleberger (October 12, 1910 – July 7, 2003), an American Economic Historian, once said that it was necessary to establish a Hegemonic Regime in order to maintain […]

Just Another Arena?

The Olympic Games are considered as the Greatest Show on Earth. However, it may be said that this leading International Sporting Event, somehow, turned into a platform to exhibit political […]

Hostility Explained Through Sport

The Euro 2020 is just over, with Italy beating England 3-2 (in tie-breaker after a 1-1 deadlock in the stipulated 120 minutes) in the final to become the best football-playing […]

Wars, Wires & Whistleblowers…

The National Security Agency (NSA) of the US, together with the Danish Intelligence Agency, had been monitoring a number of European Union (EU) leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, from […]

Love Wins

The progressive Catholic Priests in Germany have started blessing same-sex couples, defying a Vatican ban on such marriage! Earlier in March, the Vatican’s Doctrinal Office issued a statement, advising the […]

Perpetrators & Their Victims

Archaeologists have reportedly unearthed the skeletons of seven Catholic nuns who were brutally tortured to death by former Soviet troops in war-torn Poland during the final phase of Second World […]

Ruxit Is Real?

It, now, seems that Russia will be the second nation, after Britain, to leave the European Union (EU). The Kremlin recently threatened to leave the 27-member bloc over the Navalny […]