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Month: June 2019

Crossing The Border…

The tragic snapshot of a father, lying dead with his daughter, sadly reminds the Global Community of the image of Alan Kurdi… Kurdi was a three-year-old Syrian boy of Kurdish […]

A Universal Friend Or Fiend?

During his recent State Visit to Moscow and St Petersburg, Chinese President Xi Jinping showered praises on his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, saying: “I have had closer interactions with President […]

The Choice Of Being Neutral…

“If the civil society does not do the work of empowering neutrality through practice, then there will be more danger!” The concept of being a ‘neutral observer‘ is important in […]

Being A Father…

The Australian High Court recently ruled that a sperm donor should enjoy the legal right to claim fatherhood of a child! While delivering the verdict of a case involving an […]

A Confession…

The confession of a Nairobi-based notorious criminal has stunned the Global Community! Boniface Kimanyano Ayoti – a reformed gangster – recently gave an interview to the Kenyan TV Channel KTN […]


Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has recently announced that his Government would double the income of the farmers in three years’ time… The Indian PM’s announcement has surprised […]

Lives, Above The Dead Sea…

The bright hot sunshine makes the soil dry… one will not find trees, or human beings in the plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. In the middle of the plateau, a […]

Words: Meant Not To Be Kept!

They had publicly announced, possibly more than once, that they would help the French Government rebuild the Medieval Catholic Cathedral. Since the time the devastating fire badly damaged the 850-year-old […]

All The Presidents & Working Men…

The son is a smart, efficient and successful person, as he has the potential to secure his place at the top of the social structure… the father has started considering […]