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A Confession…

The confession of a Nairobi-based notorious criminal has stunned the Global Community!
Boniface Kimanyano Ayoti – a reformed gangster – recently gave an interview to the Kenyan TV Channel KTN News, during which he revealed that he used to chop off women’s breasts and had sold those to earn money. He had performed this brutal act for nearly two years! The reformed gangster also explained, when on TV, as to how he would trap ladies in order to get his job done… Kimanyano, of course, was not alone, as those acts were results of a successful ‘Teamwork‘!

Boniface Kimanyano Ayoti.jpg
Boniface Kimanyano Ayoti

Kimanyano told the KTN News that they used to target mainly the sex workers. Although they roamed different areas in Nairobi in search of prey, most of these criminal acts took place around Koinange Street, and the famous Sabina Joy. In the Kenyan capital, call-girls hover around Koinange Street. “At Sabina Joy, the gang members would usually masquerade as clients before drugging the call-girls and later amputing their body parts. I remember I picked two call-girls from town mostly from Sabina Joy. We would sweet talk them and get them into the car. Once in the house, we drug them and cut their right-side breast(s)… we get away and leave them there,” stressed Kimanyano…
He further revealed that the gang used a drug, called ‘Flexor’, to tranquilise their victims. Flexor is commonly used to get relief from muscle pain! However, an overdose of the drug made the sex workers unconscious! After chopping off their breasts, Kimanyano and his associates used to drop those severed body parts at Jeevanjee Gardens at night, where they were later picked up by the buyers. “Late at night around midnight, we drop it at a specific bench on Jeevanjee Gardens. Then, a mysterious man in either black or white suit(s) comes to pick it. He confirms the package and leaves with it. Later, I would be called to pick the money from a specific spot at Jeevanjee,” he claimed. The reformed gangster further mentioned: “For the big breasts, we would get KSh 130,000 and for the medium ones, it was between KSh 60,000-80,000.

Sex workers in Nairobi.jpg
Sex workers in Nairobi

Although the amount was big for him, Kimanyano realised that he had committed a brutal crime after targeting three women. And then, he left the job! “I managed to chop breasts for three women. But, I felt I was hurting them. We started booking in mortuaries but we were once caught and even aired on TV. I was given a four-years sentence which I served in Kamiti Prison,” he added.
Kinyamano confessed that he had committed the crime under the influence of a drug, called ‘Blue Mercedes’, whose hallucinating effects would make him loose his sense of humanity. He, finally, decided to change his life, after experiencing a series of nightmares, involving his victims and the fact that most of his friends had died after his return from the prison!


Kinyamano’s decision disappointed the buyers who insisted that they needed fresh breasts. However, the young Kenyan national had already made up his mind. He has begged for forgiveness, stating: “If I get to meet my victims, the only thing I would wish to do is to kneel before them and ask for forgiveness. I also appeal to them wherever they are, please forgive me.
Sophocles had once mentioned: “All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.” (Antigone). This, combined with the statement of Lord Jesus on ‘forgiving the simmer, not the sin‘, may – in a way – make the World look beyond those acts, and wish Kinyamano well in his future endeavours, sans his part in Heinous Acts of this sort…

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