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Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has recently announced that his Government would double the income of the farmers in three years’ time…
The Indian PM’s announcement has surprised the European Union (EU), which asked the South Asian Nation, during a recent World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting, about the methods and courses of action that are planned to be undertaken in order to achieve this feat. The 28-member bloc also requested PM Modi to explain how could he allocate INR 25 trillion to boost agricultural productivity, and again how it could be estimated that the allocation for this particular sector would be INR 100 trillion in the next five years…


The WTO officials have also started monitoring the Agricultural Policies of US President Donald Trump! The EU and other WTO Members have requested the President to explain his policies, too! In an attempt to shift the global focus from the ‘Sino-US trade war’, President Trump has initiated some changes in his Agricultural Policies, trying to be sympathetic towards the Farming Community.
Meanwhile, the Indian Economy is not in a good shape. In such a situation, PM Modi has made an attempt to boost the Agro-based Economy by increasing the income of the farmers! How will that be possible? That is what the WTO and the EU would like to know from India. During the WTO meeting, the EU officials said that the Highest Level of Global Production of Crops has already been fixed in order to reduce the excessive Agricultural Production, apart from fixing their market prices… if that is so, then how could the US and India change their respective Agricultural Policies?

Trump 1.jpg
President Trump

Interestingly, India, Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Ukraine and the EU have expressed serious concern over the US Government’s Agricultural Policies. At the same time, the US and Australia have strongly criticised India for providing farmers with 5% subsidies on Rice Production (except Basmati) in order to encourage export…

PM Modi

So far, the Indian PM and the US President have not possibly been publicly heard making comments on their respective Agricultural Policies

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