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A Universal Friend Or Fiend?

During his recent State Visit to Moscow and St Petersburg, Chinese President Xi Jinping showered praises on his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, saying: “I have had closer interactions with President Putin than with any other foreign colleagues. He is my best and bosom friend. I cherish dearly our deep friendship.
Experts in Global Geopolitics believe that the ongoing ‘Trade War’ between China and the US prompted the visiting president to highlight his ‘Friendship’ with the Russian Strongman! They also believe that Beijing and Moscow plan to counter Washington jointly, as President Donald Trump has started taking the necessary steps in order to corner both China and Russia at the Global Stage. There is no doubt that the two Super-Powers could easily influence the International Politics and Economy significantly, by joining hands…

President Xi.jpg
President Xi

It is to be noted that the main purpose of President Xi’s visit to Russia was to boost bilateral trade ties. The officials of top Chinese and Russian Companies signed a number of deals in the presence of the two Presidents. One of those Chinese Companies was a Telecom Company that has been considered ‘Dangerous’ by the Americans for their National Security! The Chinese Telecom Company signed a pact with a Russian Telecom Company in the first week of June. Clearly, the Economy brings China and Russia closer to one another!

President Putin.jpg
President Putin

Interestingly, the US President has made a cautious move against that Chinese Telecom Giant! The Trump Administration has recently taken some major shots at Huawei, prompting a number of US Tech Firms to start snapping ties with the Chinese Company. Washington claimed that Huawei had violated the ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ of some US based Organisations, asking some of its Global Partners to severe ties with the Chinese firm. Later, the US Secretary (of the Treasury) Steven Mnuchin softened their stand on the issue, stressing that “If China backs down in Trade Talks with the US, the President would consider easing up on Huawei…


Although the US has been involved in the Trade War with China for more than a year, Washington is well aware of increasing Trade Deficit. Hence, President Trump has no other option, other than resolving the issue with Beijing for safeguarding his own interest! Moreover, the diplomatic ties between the US and Russia, too, are not in a good shape.

President Trump

The US-Russia ties deteriorated further on June 7 (2019) when a US warship and a Russian destroyer nearly collided in the Pacific Ocean, with both sides blaming the other for what could have been a deadly catastrophe! The US Navy claimed that the Russian destroyer came within 50-100ft of ‘USS Chancellorsville’, the US cruiser, at around 11:45am (local time) in the Philippine Sea. In a statement, US Navy spokesperson Commander Clayton Doss said: “This unsafe action forced Chancellorsville to execute all engines back full and to manoeuvre to avoid collision.” However, Moscow made a completely different claim. A spokesperson for Russia’s Pacific Fleet said that the US naval ship “suddenly changed direction” and came within 160ft of the Russian vessel, ‘Admiral Vinogradov’, prompting the Russian crew to quickly move out of the way. He further said that the event took place in the East China Sea, and not in the Philippine Sea as claimed by the US! Nevertheless, the two belligerent parties are interested in strengthening their respective Trade Ties with China, their Common Ally!

US Navy.jpg

India has also taken some cautious steps as far as its ties with China are concerned. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held separate meetings with President Xi and President Putin on the sidelines of the 2019 Shanghai Co-operation Summit in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek on June 13-14. Although they did not hold detailed discussions on different aspects of bilateral ties, PM Modi hinted that New Delhi was interested in boosting Trade, as well as Strategic, Ties with both Beijing and Moscow. Before the SCO Summit, India had held talks with Australia, Japan and the US!

Indian PM.jpg
PM Modi

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has made no ‘anti-China’ comments in recent times! Indian External Affairs Minister Dr Subrahmanyam Jaishankar recently said that New Delhi has a plan to implement numerous programmes jointly with Beijing in the coming days. In reality, India, Russia and the US face different Political problems related to China. However, the Economy has prompted them to ‘normalise’ ties with the Asian Giant! As a result, all the roads finally lead to Beijing, despite all the differences…

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