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The Choice Of Being Neutral…

If the civil society does not do the work of empowering neutrality through practice, then there will be more danger!
The concept of being a ‘neutral observer‘ is important in the discussion of Classical Morality or Ethics. The ‘neutral observer‘ is such a ‘rational’ person, who has practically no interest in the ensuing arguments… however, the person should have sufficient knowledge about the position, logic, as well as the purpose of the two parties! The Morality of a decision should be determined on the basis of the approval of this neutral observer!


It’s a fact that a philosophical idea or concept cannot be replicated among human beings. Yet, the neutral observer does have the position of importance in Modern Society! When the Society respects the concept of Morality, then it would have to depend on the neutral observers before making any ‘sensitive‘ decision! The Civil Society can take this responsibility in different cases. It means that the part of the Society which is educated, enlightened and motivated by Rationality, should play a decisive role in ensuring Neutrality!
They, of course, can raise an important question: Why should they be neutral? They can even argue that they are also a part of the Society and they belong to a particular ‘party’ in any particular issue! Then, how could they meet the demand for neutrality? It is a valid objection, indeed! Amartya Sen, the Nobel Laureate Indian Economist and Philosopher, is of the opinion that we should identify an individual not only as a person, but as a member of a section of the people or society. As each person is a combination of multiple identities, one particular identity may encourage the person to belong to a particular ‘party’ in case of a conflict. So, if the person can ignore her/his one particular identity, then s/he can take a neutral position on the basis of her/his other identities! The Civil Society should practice how to stay neutral for the sake of Social Justice!


Various conflicts have divided societies on different issues across the Globe. In fact, each and every society is experiencing a war-like situation, now-a-days! The undeniable fact is that Democracy does not demand unquestionable consensus. Instead, debates and oppositions protect a Democratic System! Unfortunately, the Political Society and the Politicians have started controlling the Civil Society in the modern-day World, and the civilians or the Civil Societies have gradually become their ‘pawns‘, especially in social sectors or in the social media. Sometimes, the Civil Societies tend to ignore Education and Logic (or Rationality), while dealing with sensitive issues, and allow the Political Society to dictate the terms! The war, which is characteristically a ‘partisan’ or ‘vested’ one, thus becomes a ‘crusade for safeguarding personal identity’. Men even forget that they took thousands of years to build a Society or Civilisation… both the combatant parties also are taught to ignore the fact that they will be responsible for destroying an important and integral part of the Civilisation!
If the Society fails to empower Neutrality through conscious Practice, then human beings will have to face the real danger! Members of the Civil Society can get rid of this war-like situation by playing the role of a ‘neutral observer’! Such a role executed by the Civil Society Members can also send a strong message to the Politicians that the Civil Society is closely monitoring each and every step taken by the Political Society, from a neutral perspective. In that case, the Civil Society can easily ensure ‘Justice’ not on the basis of personal interest or interest of a particular group of people, but on the basis of morality or ethics…

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Such a stand by the Civil Society can also help the politicians realise the fact that it will not be possible for them to earn the trust of the Majority only by putting the Minority under tremendous (social) pressure! The Political Society must also realise that it is a crime to put the minority communities under undue pressure. The politicians cannot and should not demand unquestionable loyalty from the civilians. They should learn to respect public opinion in order to strengthen the Democratic System. If the politicians are not ready to learn that, then the Civil Society should force them to respect the Democratic Values by playing the role of neutral observer, perfectly!

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