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A Patriarchal Man(nerism)

Dr Chao Fengqing – a Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies at the National University of Singapore – has revealed some condemnable facts after analysing the statistics of childbirth in 202 countries from 1970 to 2017. Dr Chao recently claimed that people in these countries did not allow 23,000,000 baby girls to see the light of the world, as those girl-embryos were aborted by the doctors!
Nations, like Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Montenegro, Taiwan, Tunisia, Vietnam and India, are in the forefront, as far as the crime is concerned. Dr Chao said that she faced no problem in collecting data regarding the abortions of female-foetus of 12 countries. However, it became really difficult for the Research Fellow to gather information from 190 countries. In those cases, she had to use the Modelling Method… Dr Chao calculated the national figure after receiving the specific local statistics regarding the girl-embryo abortions.


The time-frame of the analysis is important, as the medical practitioners started using the technology to abort embryos in the early 1970s! Before that, abortions happened mainly because of accidental reasons. However, the killing of girl-embryos became popular only after the 1970s. In most of the cases, abortions did not take place to control the number of children in a family, but to stop baby girls from being born! It is a Patriarchal Mentality… Now-a-days, many couples want to have a single child, so that they could provide their children better education and other facilities. Unfortunately, majority of these couples aborts female-foetus, and not male-foetus!


Whether a mother will give birth to a boy or a girl depends on the father. In fact, men determine the sex of a baby, depending on whether their sperm is carrying an X, or a Y chromosome. An X chromosome combines with the mother’s X chromosome, and makes a baby girl (XX), while a Y chromosome combines with the mother’s X chromosome, makes a boy (XY). In slightly more cases (globally), mother’s X chromosome combines with father’s Y chromosome to make baby boys. Therefore, the experts can readily come to the conclusion that a number of girl-embryos have been aborted, if there is a huge gap between the number of baby girls and baby boys born in a particular region of a country. For example, 100 baby girls were born per 118 baby boys in China in 2005. The ratio reduced marginally in 2017, with the birth of 100 baby girls per 114 baby boys. Dr Chao claimed that the abortion of girl-embryos was the highest in two Asian nations: China and India! Nearly 51% of those 23,000,000 ‘unborn’ baby girls were Chinese, while 46% were Indians!


Although China and India have emerged as strong global economies in recent times, the mentality of their people have remained the same. These two countries still welcome baby boys and hate baby girls. So, we cannot call this mentality modern. Interestingly, the Governments in these two countries have made a serious attempt to change the mentality of their people by imposing a ban on the Sex-Determination Test (SDT) during pregnancy. However, some corrupt doctors still perform SDTs in China and India, thus, allowing the parents to abort female-foetus.
If the Government properly performs its duty to save the baby girls, then the citizens are solely responsible for destroying the Gender Ratio Balance… Only citizens can sensitise their fellow citizens in this regard, and they should do that to become good citizens, in a true sense…

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