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English cleric, scholar and influential economist in the fields of Political Economy and Demography Thomas Robert Malthus (February 13, 1766 – December 23, 1834) had presented a Theory of Population in his publication ‘An Essay on the Principle of Population‘ way back in 1798. There, he made an attempt to find a relation between the pattern of food supply and the population growth. According to Malthus, the growth rate would be geometric in case of uncontrolled population! However, the growth rate of essential products, such as food grains, would follow an arithmetical structure of progression, he added.

The main essence of the Malthusian Theory of Population is that population tends to increase at a faster rate than its means of subsistence, and that unless it is checked by moral restraint or by disease, famine, war or other disaster, widespread poverty and degradation inevitably result in an imbalance. The Englishman claimed that the lack of these essential materials would certainly reduce the rate of population growth. He used to believe that through preventative checks and positive checks, the population could be controlled to balance the food supply with the population level. Or else, the Mother Nature would do it in its own way!

Thomas Robert Malthus

One could express doubt over the relevance of the Malthusian Theory in the contemporary world. In fact, no doctrine or theory is perfect and eternal. However, some historical facts backed Malthus’ theory, indirectly. The Black Death of Bubonic had triggered a pandemic in Europe and Asia in 1320, as it claimed nearly 200 million lives. The Plague was most likely carried by fleas living on the black rats. The Black Plague or Justinianic Plague had rocked Rome in 1420. The pandemic, named after the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, had killed more than 100 million people, finishing off the Roman Empire, in a way! Later in 1520, the Small Pox devastated the Caribbean Islands. Then, Britain experienced Epidemic Mayflower in 1620. Nine years later, the Great Plague of London claimed 15 million lives… the Great Plague of Marseille, too, claimed many a life in 1720. In India, a large number of people died from cholera and Yellow Fever in 1820. Perhaps, the greatest curse on the human civilisation was the Spanish Flu of 1920. In the meantime, the Global Community experienced two World Wars!

Now, the world is going through a Rusticating Phase… the Global Community has failed to control the population growth. As a result, people have done so many things which are not allowed by the Mother Nature. Human beings have destroyed the jungles to create settlements and to create farming lands. The ‘Give Me More‘ mentality has encouraged people to not limit their needs. In other words, the human psychology has not only polluted the environment, but also prompted many creatures to leave this world, permanently!

Spanish Flu

What about its repercussion? The Mother Nature has every right to become a little bit lunatic! It is quite natural that the nature would try to release some pressure that it is taking because of the population growth. The Coronavirus endemic shows that the Global Community cannot save the Human Civilisation with nuclear weapons… people, actually, need more hospitals, a proper healthcare infrastructure, doctors, research laboratories, educational institutions, etc. for safeguarding the civilisation. The endemic further helps people realise that some crises know no boundary.

At a time when people have taken refuge inside their rooms in order to save themselves from the deadly virus, the environment has become increasingly pollution free. Wild animals are roaming on streets in urban areas under the clear blue sky… birds have returned to the trees… dolphins are back to the coastal areas. Perhaps, they all are showering praises on human beings for going inside their rooms.

Human beings have no other option, but to depend on the Mother Nature. Only Mother Nature could be able to give us antibody of the Coronavirus, one day. When the antibody will be generated inside human bodies, our breath will spread in nature like a blessing. The nature will hand over the immunity power (against the virus) to people, as the mother does not want to lose any of her children…

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