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Nuclear Threat Looms Large

A couple of weeks after General (Retired) Erich Vad, the former National Security Adviser (NSA) of Germany, warned against the continuation of supplying weapons to Ukraine by the West, saying that the move could lead to the Third World War; an Indian think-tank warned of danger of a Nuclear War, if Diplomatic Solution for the crisis is not found.

In an article published in the India Today magazine on January 23, 2023, Sundeep Waslekar, the President of the Strategic Foresight Group (SFG) and an intellectual involved in Global Peace efforts, stated that a nuclear war could be unleashed “by accident, incident or intent”, if a diplomatic solution to the current Ukraine crisis is not found. SFG is an Indian think-tank engaged in crafting new policy concepts that enable decision-makers to prepare for a future in uncertain times.

In his article, Waslekar presented three possible scenarios: 1) ceasefire and peace process; 2) protracted conflict; and 3) global nuclear war.

He wrote that a protracted war could spark an accident or incident that might inadvertently or deliberately lead to a nuclear exchange. “A global nuclear war, initially involving Russia and the NATO countries, and then extending to China and India, is possible by accident, incident, or intent. Since India will be an unwilling victim of such a war,” Waslekar stressed, urging Government officials to “consider a diplomatic initiative for nuclear risk reduction and global denuclearisation”. “The alternative is the end of human civilisation,” he added.

The author suggested that India could play a leading role in brokering a diplomatic solution. “India can fill the vacuum, assuming moral leadership as the Chair of G-20. India has political capital in Moscow, Washington DC, Paris and Berlin. India may act alone and launch aggressive mediation initiatives, perhaps through the back door,” insisted Waslekar.

As the current President of G-20, India is under tremendous diplomatic pressure to resolve the Ukraine crisis.

Boundless Ocean of Politics has received this article from Dr Christopher Lewis of Schiller Institute, Frankfurt, Germany. The Schiller Institute is a Germany-based political and economic think tank founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, with stated members in 50 countries.

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