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On Environmentalism

There are certain anxieties that can be alleviated by making them a part of our lives, and the Environmental Crisis is definitely one of them. One should remember that there is one reality in our daily life… the reality of acute crisis. Based on that, conscious civilised people have a responsibility to perform certain duties in order to protect the environment.

A group of scientists has shown that the Human Civilisation is passing through environmental crisis, one after another, and is moving towards the imminent doomsday. Unfortunately, the public awareness about this crisis is still very low. Many believe that the crisis is others’, and not their’s. Until one understands the meaning of the word crisis properly, s/he cannot realise that one of the responsibilities of the present people is to protect the next generation from environmental disasters. Hence, it is a huge responsibility of one to remind the Global Community of the impending danger.

Climate Change Indicators: Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions (EPA)

Scientists are of the opinion that the way Human Civilisation is progressing, mother Earth may soon face six dangers. The limits of dangers have been set in advance on the assumption that it would be nearly impossible to safeguard the environment, once Global Warming reaches a certain level. Then, the Human Civilisation will have no other option, but to face an Environmental (or Climate) Emergency.

The six environmental dangers are: the melting of icebergs in Greenland, the loss of ice in West Antarctica, changes in the pattern and direction of ocean currents in the North Atlantic polar region, the melting of permafrost in the North Pole, and the melting of ice in Barents Sea in the northern part of Scandinavia. According to scientists, these events can occur only if the preceding events take place. In other words, scientists are pointing to the Domino Effect of these events. They have also explained the conditions, related to these events, through geological logic. By explaining the detailed depiction of probabilities, they have narrated why it is quite impossible to stop the ultimate disaster, once the danger lines are crossed.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

So, the Global Community has a great responsibility to protect the environment. Usually when environmental issues arise, experts stress on the awareness of the common people. Of course, it is important for each and every person to be aware of steps to be taken in order to reduce the overall carbon emissions of the world. However, there is another bigger aspect. As far as Carbon Emissions are concerned, the liability of industries is quite important. Both carbon emissions and chemical pollution trigger environmental disasters. As it is not possible to tackle the circle of carbon pollution at personal level, it becomes crucial to create and secure environmental obligations at the political level. Perhaps, it is the greatest task of a conscious citizen.

Only conscientious global citizens can ensure political commitments towards the environment, as they are the voters. Citizens should bring a party to power that would protect the environment, instead of getting involved in corruption in order to fulfil its own petty interests. Human beings do not live only for themselves, but also for others.

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