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Tag: #crisis

On Environmentalism

There are certain anxieties that can be alleviated by making them a part of our lives, and the Environmental Crisis is definitely one of them. One should remember that there […]

The Children Go Hungry

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has expressed serious concern over the current political and economic situation in Sri Lanka, saying that children are spending days without food in the tiny […]

Tackling The ‘Barbarians’

It is known that the British had suffered a bloody and miserable defeat in the First Anglo-Afghan War, in 1838-42. Although some battles took place after that war, the Britons […]

One Summer Day On The Island

The free movement of countless residents of Sri Lanka that have been freely termed as mob or rabble by different sources at the official residence of ousted President Gotabaya Rajapaksa […]

Escaped, Before Resigning Officially

Thousands of protesters, who stormed the official residence of Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in Colombo on July 9 (2022) demanding the resignation of his Government amid the ongoing economic […]

Back On Political Roller Coaster

Israel is all set to hold its fifth Parliamentary Election (in October 2022) in the last four years, and there is a huge possibility that former Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ […]

Escaping Economic Crisis

The little children are in panic, as they have experienced a lot of harassment in recent times. Their future, too, is uncertain. Risking their lives, these children, along with their […]

At This Crucial Juncture

He is the sole member of his party in the Parliament… He did not win election, but became a member of the Parliament on the basis of overall votes received […]

Sand & Sustainability

The world is about to face another crisis. The UN has warned the global community to save sand, saying that there would be acute shortage of sand in near future. […]