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Russia-Ukraine War: The Nazi Angle

Tony Kevin – who served as Australia’s Ambassador to Poland and Cambodia in the 1990s, and earlier in the Australian Embassy in Moscow – has penned books on Russia and the West. The book, published on April 15, 2022, is a devastating and definitive proof that the Bucha “mass slaughter”, which serves as a fundamental core to the US/NATO drive for war on Russia, did indeed take place, but not by the Russians. The following extended excerpts from his article, appearing in The Scrum under the title ‘When Do Corpses Begin to Smell?’, include material covered previously in Executive Intelligence Review (EIR, a weekly news magazine founded in 1974 by the American political activist Lyndon LaRouche), but adds a powerful report on the Deputy Mayor of Bucha Kateryna Ukraintsiva on the day the Russian troops withdrew from Bucha as part of an agreement with the Government in Kyiv worked out in Turkey, who ordered all citizens to stay off the street until the city was cleaned or cleansed. The Azov Battalion Nazis, then, went house to house to murder those they considered Russian collaborators, dumping their bodies on the streets as a warning to those left alive.

Tony Kevin

Here are the excerpts:
I assert that Ukraine’s present government, centred in Kyiv and Lviv, is now so extreme-nationalist in its avowed ideology and style of governance that it can fairly be described as a kind of Fascist or Nazi regime. Under its governance and under the pressures of an increasingly cruel and desperate war, Ukraine is reverting to savagery. Yes, I know President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy is of Jewish ethnicity, but this is politically irrelevant. The important thing is that he is the puppet and mouthpiece of a thick layer of extreme nationalists – Ukronazis may be the justified term – who are now strategically embedded into Ukrainian Government, the Armed Forces, and the Police at all levels, such that they are in position to drive Ukrainian policy and governance. As a result, Ukraine is rapidly descending into cruel and hateful behaviour toward Russians and toward its own people. It is ceasing to be a civilised country…

In Ukraine, this syndrome began its current, critical phase a few weeks ago, with sadistic public floggings in the streets of naked minors of all ages and both sexes, and alleged to be criminals, these images salaciously spread around the social media. Now, it has quickly degenerated to the stage of real acts of torture and murder of captured Russian prisoners of war – these filmed and displayed on the social media.

And also now, we see repeated Ukrainian Government disinformation narratives involving real, officially supported mass murders of Ukrainian civilians, murders immediately blamed on Russia in clumsy, lethally false scenarios that are now nevertheless accepted unquestioningly in the West. In recent days, we have seen this weapon deployed in towns around Kyiv, in Mariupol, and in Kramatorsk. In every case, the narratives are false and easily proven so.

Russia’s alleged culpability in the Bucha massacre – easily disproven, as this essay will show – vividly exemplifies these frightening, rapidly expanding tendencies in Ukraine. Let us now look closely at the case of Bucha: at fiction, fact, and forensics…

There is general agreement from all sides that this withdrawal from Bucha was indeed accomplished on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

As a result of intense fighting in the first fortnight of the war, which began on February 24, many of Bucha’s inhabitants had fled this mixed Ukrainian – and Russian-speaking town before Russian forces captured it on March 12…

Bucha Mayor Anatolii Fedoruk

On March 31, Anatolii Fedoruk, the Mayor of Bucha, confirmed the Russian departure the previous day in a celebratory video, titled Bucha Liberated, which was posted on the City Council’s Facebook page… Mayor Fedoruk made no mention of a massacre that was supposed to have littered the streets of Bucha with corpses, as the world was to be told three days later. At 7:25pm (local time) on April 2, the National Guard of Ukraine posted a forensically significant seven-minute video, titled Special Forces Regiment SAFARI Begins Clearing Operation in Bucha from Saboteurs and Accomplices of Russia.

The descriptive text says:
Special forces have begun a clearing operation in the city of Bucha in the Kyiv region, which has been liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The city is being cleared from saboteurs and accomplices of Russian forces…

On Friday (April 1), Deputy Mayor of Bucha Kateryna Ukraintsiva made an important, and in retrospect, chilling public announcement on the Bucha Live Telegram website (a local news site watched by local people I urge readers to watch this video to get a sense of her coldly dispassionate words. My online English translation reads as follows:

Information for Bucha from the deputy of the local council Kateryna Ukraintsiva:
The emergence of the Armed Forces in the city does not mean complete liberation, it does not mean that the city is safe and that you can return here.


About evacuation, it should be understood that evacuation can take place only in safe conditions. That is, after complete cleaning, demining, and creation of evacuation routes. The same goes for humanitarian supplies.

Civilians who remained here are advised to stay in their shelters and not to wander down the street, so as not to interfere with the cleaning of the city.

The Yandex translation service lists the following English meanings for the portmanteau Ukrainian and Russian word зачисткa: “Cleaning, clearing, cleanup, sweep (e.g., of bandit gangs), cleansing, purge etc.”

Mayor Fedoruk had joyfully announced the town’s liberation on Thursday (March 31). A Ukrainian military operation, which included soldiers from the professedly Nazi Azov Battalion, to clean or clear the city “from saboteurs and accomplices of Russian forces” was about to begin, I would surmise on April 1. On April 1 afternoon, Deputy Mayor Ukraintsiva had warned residents of Bucha in strong terms not to try to enter or leave the town, but to stay at home in their refuges. They were thus helpless targets for the forthcoming Azov massacre…

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The working assumption of the fanatically anti-Russian Azov Battalion soldiers, who had entered Bucha, would have been that of the few people who had remained in their homes in Bucha during the month-long Russian occupation (when most had fled the war southward), many were pro-Russian or at least neutral in sentiment, i.e. traitors to Ukraine. During the Azovs’ systematic, nighttime house-to-house searches for “saboteurs and accomplices”, in which frightened people would have desperately denounced neighbours as pro-Russian, harsh and violent summary interrogations would have taken place. Some would have ended in instant execution – murder by gunshot. The bodies would have been dragged out to the street – the male corpses often still wearing their white noncombatant armbands, which they had worn for safety during the Russian occupation of Bucha and which the Azovs would have seen as incriminating evidence of pro-Russian sympathies…

Throughout Sunday (April 3), the highly efficient and internationally well-networked Ukrainian Government media information machine pumped out to a waiting world text, photos, and videos of the alleged Russian massacre in Bucha – a made-to-measure front-page story.

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia responded bluntly at a special briefing of the UN Security Council the following day:
“On top of that, there are outright criminal theatre shows with peaceful Ukrainians killed by their own radicals, in order to, in the best Goebbels traditions, blame the Russian Army for their deaths. They were killed in the areas the Russian troops left following the peace talks in Istanbul, which gave hope to so many people. As it turns out now, they should not have left it. I am talking primarily about Bucha.” (

Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia

He continued: “We can now confidently surmise why millions of Ukrainians have been fleeing their homes in Ukraine since the war began. We cannot assume they would have been especially afraid of the approaching Russian forces. Based on what we know, it is at least as likely, if not more likely, they would have been afraid of what returning Ukrainian nationalist soldiers and Police might do to them if, after the war, they were found to have voluntarily stayed in areas under Russian occupation…”

To accept the false proposition that these victims seen in the streets of Bucha on April 3 were murdered by the Russians on or before the day they completed their withdrawal from Bucha – March 30, four days earlier – one would have to suspend belief in medical science data that four days after death in a prevailing temperature range of three to 11 degrees above zero degree Celsius, human bodies would already be dark-blotched, visibly decomposing, putrescent, giving off highly noxious gases, and almost impossible to approach without vomiting.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

In such conditions, soldiers would not be casually lifting dead bodies around in plastic bags as seen in some of the videos. One would not be displaying, several days later, on April 8, arrayed bags with corpses in them before and close to important international visitors, such as President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and EU Foreign Secretary Josep Borrell.

What my naïve compatriots and countless other consumers of Western news reports cannot begin to comprehend is the Nazi mentality. To Ukraine’s extreme nationalists, people who they think collaborated or acquiesced in the Russian invasion of Ukraine even to the slightest degree are no more fellow Ukrainian citizens than German Jews were to Nazi officials under the Third Reich: They are vermin, to be killed without hesitation or compunction if the nation requires it.

Boundless Ocean of Politics has received this article from Christopher Lewis of Schiller Institute, Frankfurt, Germany.

Christopher Lewis

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