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Empowered By Her ‘Occupation’

It has been heard that the Taliban, after their return to power in Afghanistan in August 2021, asked women and girls to cover their whole bodies at public places. However, a 29-year-old woman from the war-torn South Asian country has become a porn-star. As expected, the British-Afghan pornographic actress does not live in Afghanistan. As Khadija Cohen (better known as Yasmeena Ali, b. December 1, 1993) used to live in the war-ravaged country during the first phase of Taliban Rule (1996-2001), she had witnessed the violence started by the Taliban two decades ago. She has claimed that she is the first and only porn star from Afghanistan, as no other girl from her country has dared to act in adult films, so far. Yasmeena is a popular actor of adult films, as her films are available in popular porn sites, like OnlyFans and Pornhub. She is best known for her involvement in a 2020 criminal case, in which her father and his cousin planned to kill her because of her choice of career and for converting to Judaism from Islam.

Yasmeena Ali

Followers of principles adhered to by the Taliban have not been able to take any action against Yasmeena because she lives in Britain. Meanwhile, Yasmeena has claimed that the Taliban are well aware of her popularity, and they might have seen her images or videos. In an interview, she stressed that members of the terror outfit should hate her, as they consider exhibiting female bodies a heinous crime.

A Taliban fighter

According to Yasmeena, her courage to show her body in public might have surprised the Taliban, who believe that only they have the control over bodies of Afghan women. She went on to say that the Taliban must have considered her not a True Afghan, as she showcases her body. Yasmeena made it clear that the Taliban should not judge her Patriotism, saying: “They may also watch my films, but cannot admit that publicly.

The Taliban have mostly considered women as objects, stressed the actor. During the first phase of Taliban rule, Yasmeena’s mother used to tell her that there was no such thing as rape in Afghanistan, as the Taliban could do whatever they wished to with any girl. She has also seen Afghan men becoming victims of Taliban violence. She recalled that the Taliban fighters used to brutally beat people in public for various reasons, even for not wearing religious dress in a proper manner.

In the late 1990s, Yasmeena and her mother had left Afghanistan for Britain. After completing her education in the UK, she decided to join the porn industry as an actor. “I had said ‘goodbye’ to religion long ago. I decided to showcase my body to meet my professional demand,” Yasmeena told the media in the last week of January 2022. Although Yasmeena is safe in Britain, she often receives threats from the Taliban. This Afghan girl said that she received many such e-mails in which she was described as a Jew and a Spy.

Yasmeena admitted that she failed to understand the strange mentality of the Taliban, who still want to suppress the women. They consider the menstruating girls profane, she said. According to the Afghan porn star, all these are a part of their attempt to control the women. It seems that the main weakness of the Taliban is women. Perhaps, the Taliban fear that they will not be able to control themselves, if the girls show their bodies, added Yasmeena.

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