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Month: January 2022

A ‘Truth’ Revealed!

It has been brought to notice that around 78 statues have been there for years near a huge square in the heart of an ancient and historic city of northern […]

He Dreamt To Break Free

If stated in a dramatic manner, panic had gripped the 400-year-old Spanish colonial rulers of the Philippines because of an author, named José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda (June […]

Decoded By Scientists, Finally!

Archaeologists recently claimed that they have succeeded in solving the puzzles surrounding an ancient Greek computer, which was dubbed as one that should not even exist! Greece is definitely more […]

USPs Of The First-Ever NSP

Pakistan published its first National Security Policy (NSP) document for 2022-26 on January 14, outlining the country’s security and economic cooperation with neighbouring countries. As expected, the 110-page document stressed […]

On Geopolitical Developments In Eurasia

Belarus, Ukraine, the Caucasus, and Kazakhstan are going through crises, restructuring the regional geopolitics. In an article published in The Indian Express daily on January 11, 2022, the visiting Professor […]

Extinguishing The Inferno…

It may be stated in a crass fashion that there is a considerably large gateway to hell in this world, whose door is about to close soon! This hell is […]


The Debt-trap Diplomacy has helped China boost its economy in recent times. It is basically a tactic used by Beijing to gain political or economic concessions from lower-income nations by […]

Hoping To Unravel Secrets

There are 1,284 naturally mummified and partially skeletonised bodies stacked along its crypts and chambers dating as far back as the 1590. Mummies of 163 children have also been found […]