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Category: Afghanistan

The First Major Assault

With the US withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban has started regaining strength rapidly! More than 1,000 Afghan soldiers reportedly fled to neighbouring Tajikistan on July 5 after a series […]

Amid Fast-Changing Ground-Reality!

India has opened its doors to secret talks with the Taliban in neighbouring Afghanistan. Although top diplomats are of the opinion that the decision is undoubtedly a bold one, they […]

The Deal At Doha, And…

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, recently claimed that he knows India far better than his countrymen. Talking to the US media in the last week of […]

In Order To Make Their Presence Felt!

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkey could well be conjectured as planning to expand its presence in Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of US Forces beyond offering training for Afghan soldiers and technical […]

A Significant Strategic Shift!

India has decided to keep in touch with a fraction of the Taliban outfit in Afghanistan, indicating a crucial change in its foreign policy. Diplomats are of the opinion that […]

The Cover Girl & The Target Audience!

Notable personalities in various fields have started finding their places on the cover of Vogue, and now, it’s the turn of Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai to brighten the cover […]

War, Withdrawal & The Women

Dark clouds of danger gather in Afghanistan, with the US planning to withdraw its troops from the war-ravaged South Asian Nation. According to a recent US Intelligence Report, the way […]

Image Tarnished Further

The Global Community has stood witness to Afghanistan’s recent act of granting pardon to 10 Chinese nationals, despite their alleged involvement in terrorist activities on Afghan soil! The Afghan Government […]

The Blame Game?

China is reportedly helping militants carry out attacks on the US troops stationed in Afghanistan! The US Intelligence Department has revealed the fact in a Report submitted recently to outgoing […]