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Category: Afghanistan

Through The Prism Of Foreign Policy

Following the Partition of the Indian Sub-continent into two Dominions in 1947, the Government of India, led by Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, showed understanding and supported relocation of those, […]

Glorifying An Iconoclast…

About four hundred years ago, Persian Historian Muhammad Qasim Firishta (1560-1620) described Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni (November 2, 971 AD – April 30, 1030 AD) as a foolish and greedy […]

Immense Courage & Resilience…

The Pakistani fighter jets bombed the bases of Northern Alliance in Panjshir Valley, immediately after the visit of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed to Kabul on September […]

The Poisoned Honey…

“Heart! I know Spring has passed, and its joy too/ but how could I fly with these ripped-off wings?…“ These lines were written by Afghan poet Nadia Anjuman Herawi (December […]

Uyghurs In Afghanistan: A Bargaining Chip?

The year 1976… Afghanistan was highly influenced by the West at that time, as the Global Community started considering Kabul as Paris of the East. Tuhan, along with her parents, […]

A Change In Stance

It is not an internal crisis of the Islamic World, but a clash between two different ideologies. While Islamic Republic of Iran is considered as a progressive nation in West […]

A Fair Comparison?

The changing Global Geopolitical landscape has raised an important question: Why is the 1975 Fall of Saigon different from the 2021 Fall of Kabul? Experts have made attempts to find […]