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Development Is The Agenda

Germany, the Powerhouse amongst the European countries, maintains a strong relation with India, even after the departure of Angela Merkel from German National Politics. Germany recently sanctioned of EUR 1.2 billion (INR 10,025 crore) to help India fight Climate Change, and to assist in the South Asian nation’s ongoing energy transition.

German Ambassador to India Walter J Lindner has confirmed the news, saying: “Every fifth person on this planet is Indian. Without Indians you cannot solve any big world problems, and one of the biggest is Climate Change. We try to work together with India and help with Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Similar Projects, which also helps in working towards our own goals we promised at COP26 in Glasgow.” He also said that the main focus of Berlin’s financial commitment to New Delhi would be to tackle Climate Change as soon as possible.

German Ambassador to India Walter J Lindner

Meanwhile, the German Embassy in the Indian capital has issued a statement, stressing: “At COP26, India and Germany agreed to phase down unabated Coal Power. Germany will exit coal by 2038, possibly much earlier. And India has just joined a multilateral Coal Transition Programme, funded by the Climate Investments Funds and supported by Germany. Very concretely, India has already identified 50 gigawatts of coal plants for retirement by 2027.

Earlier, the two countries agreed to concentrate on some important areas, such as Energy (EUR 5.08 billion), Sustainable Urban Development (EUR 3.16 billion), Management of Natural Resources and Agriculture (EUR 435 million), and other activities, like vocational training, health and social protection (EUR 568 million). Now, the Government of Germany has confirmed that it has sanctioned EUR 713 million for energy, EUR 409 million for urban development and EUR 90 million for agro-ecology and natural resources, as these projects would help India expand solar power generation.

It may be noted that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had mentioned in a report earlier in 2021 that Germany and India would suffer extreme events because of Climate Change, as the two countries together accounted for nearly 9% of Global Greenhouse Gas.

Olaf Scholz

Meanwhile, Social Democratic Party leader and Finance Minister of Germany Olaf Scholz has been elected as the next Chancellor of the country by the German Parliament. Scholz, who succeeded outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, was voted in by 395 votes from lawmakers in Bundestag, the Lower House of the Parliament. He would lead a three-party Coalition Government.

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