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Tag: #energy

‘The World Has To Find A Way’

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, stressed on ceasefire (between Russia and Ukraine), diplomacy and food crisis during the G20 Summit, held on the Indonesian island of Bali on […]

Choosing The ‘Side’ Of Peace

India, on October 7 (2022), abstained from voting on a UNHRC draft proposal, favouring the appointment of an independent expert to step up scrutiny of Russia’s Human Rights record at […]

An Important Signal

Italy gets a Far-Right Government for the first time since Benito Mussolini‘s Fascist era during the Second World War. As the voters in the southern European nation have shifted sharply, […]

Even Friends Are Getting Upset

India and China have seemingly created a distance with Russia over the Ukraine War. Analysts are of the opinion that Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s recent meetings with Indian Prime Minister […]

Fukushima & Beyond…

With the demand for power steadily increasing across the country, Japan has decided to rely on nuclear energy, yet again. Keeping the scenario in mind, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced […]

A Not-So-Tender Tender

In a rare first, India has decided to import coal from foreign countries on a regular basis. The Coal India Limited (CIL), an Indian Government-owned coal mining and refining corporation, […]

Fuelling To Flame

The Great Game of Geopolitics Well, fuel has become a crucial weapon of modern warfare. On April 27 (2022), Russia cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, after these […]

India Not Dancing To US’ Tune

Following multiple threatening visits by senior US officials to New Delhi, the diktat issued by Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on April 6 (2022) that “We, obviously, would prefer […]