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Storms are often seen to leave catastrophic effects… A few days before having to leave the White House, President Donald Trump has added a new chapter to the American History… the Chapter of Disgrace! Active and angry supporters of the outgoing President recently attacked the Legislature of a Nation, which is the proponent of Democracy to the rest of the world! As usual, an incident of this magnitude has obviously raised quite an amount of concern, globally. January 6, 2021 would be a reminder of how terrible the Dangers of Democracy could get to be. The main reason for the fear and anxiety is that the attack was not accidental, but a somewhat planned one. In other words, it may be referred to as a natural consequence of a long preparation for triggering a violent hatred, intolerance and a totalitarian dictatorship. Trump had won the Presidential Polls four years ago by fuelling and using this hatred, in a way, and it may be added that for the next four years, he has nurtured the same. Finally, after facing defeat in the 2020 Presidential Elections, he rejected the mandate, and made an attempt to stay on as the President. This attempt has encouraged his supporters to attack the Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Capitol Hill under siege on January 6, 2021

This is not merely an end of a Presidential Term. It seems that although President Trump has congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on his electoral achievement, he is leaving the toxic hatred for the American Society. The seeds of this hatred have already been sown there in the society, as well as in the minds of a large section of the US citizens. President-elect Biden and Democrat Members of the two Houses of the US Congress would have to take the responsibility for curing the disease with the help of a Democratic Curing Process. Indeed, it will be a tough test for them.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is facing even a tougher test! Several Republican leaders, including Mitt Romney and Mitchell McConnell Jr, have condemned the reckless behaviour of those supporters of Donald Trump, calling out to their countrymen to save the Democracy. However, the fact is that if one really wants to fulfill her/his responsibility towards Democracy, that person should not only destroy the fruit of the poisonous tree, but should also proceed to get the tree itself uprooted. Trump is just a name of a person… the US would have to get rid of Trump-ism in order to strengthen the base of Democracy.

It seems that Intolerance and Hatred have rocked not only the US, but many countries in the world. They, perhaps, are posing a more serious threat to the Human Civilisation than COVID-19 Pandemic. India, too, is experiencing a similar trend. There is nothing new in Intolerance and Hatred. However, the way they have influenced the public life in recent times, it is unprecedented! Instead of cracking down on the Politics of Division, the Rulers encourage that Division. That, in a nutshell, is where the Real Danger lies…

In a sense, the danger India is facing is far greater than that of the US’. In the US, the democratic institutions have constantly been fighting against President Trump and his camp. Their protests and resistance have intensified in the last four years. The Democrats were also well-organised and effective in their preparation and campaigning of Presidential Polls. In India, the strength of this Democratic Resistance is far less than it needs to be. Various institutions that hold and protect Democracy are gradually waning. Of course, there are exceptions to it. Shaheen Bagh has lit the Lamp of Hope. However, that is not sufficient to protect Democracy

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