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Battle Tanks Will Roll…

By Christopher Lewis & Koushik Das

The Global Community has congratulated Joe Biden soon after he became the 46th President of the US, defeating Donald Trump in recently held Presidential Polls. Interestingly, many from the Central and Latin America are maintaining silence, as President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil – often dubbed ‘the Trump of the Tropics’ for his populist, off-the-cuff style – has made not a single comment on Trump’s election defeat. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, too, has refused to congratulate President-elect Biden.

Meanwhile, some of the leaders in Europe have expressed concern over the victory of Biden. Willy Wimmer – the former Assistant Defence Minister of Germany – has been heard mentioning: “We should all recall that Biden, more than anybody else, stood for the war drive of former President Barack Obama. As he wins, the battle tanks will roll.” The former German Minister has reportedly made this comment during an interview with the German version of Sputnik.

Willy Wimmer

Wimmer further said that the consequence for Germany might have serious connotations. According to the leading voice against confrontation and war, Biden’s victory will certainly encourage the Greens, the new German War Party, to join the next Government in Berlin. Without the Greens in the Government, the majority of the Germans would condemn war. “The Greens would be Biden’s key for the German participation in a war,” stressed Wimmer.

Joe Biden

The seasoned German politician insisted: “You can say what you want about Donald Trump, but his legacy is being against war. He was elected four years ago also because the Americans are fed up with wars.” Wimmer added: “And concerning Germany, from the start of his term, Trump was outspoken for an understanding with the Russian Federation. The Federal German Chancellor stabbed him in the back, then. It cannot be more tragic for Germany!

Wimmer has further voiced concern about the massive dealings, which, according to him, have played an important role in the 2020 US Presidential Polls. He has predicted that Biden may just be put into office as a transition to a Presidency of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris…

Co-author Christopher Lewis is a Senior Member of Schiller Institute, Frankfurt, Germany.

Christopher Lewis

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