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Actions, Reactions & The Aftermath!

It is Austria now, after France and Canada! It is evident from the recent tragic massacre in a populated area of the Austrian capital of Vienna that Islamic Terrorism has a close connection to the Islamic State (IS). As the wound of France has not yet healed, the Vienna incident has shocked the Civilised World. The murder of French middle-school teacher Samuel Patty (47) in broad daylight in the Conflans Sainte-Honorine suburb of Paris on October 16, 2020 is undoubtedly one of the most heinous crimes of recent times. The brutal killing of the teacher is a fine example of how a completely unscrupulous extremist group can pose a global threat! Now, it is the duty of the entire Civilised World, and not just France or Austria, to take action against the individuals or groups responsible for this pitiable act. The might of Islamic Terrorism seems to be re-emerging, with terror outfits, like the IS, regaining grounds…

It is to be noted that the French teacher, who had shown students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed (Praise be Bestowed Unto Him), was beheaded outside his school by an 18-year-old, born in Moscow and originating from Russia’s southern region of Chechnya. On the same day, a man was charged with two counts of first-degree murder after a sword attack in Canada’s Quebec City. Carl Girouard (24) has been charged with five counts of attempted murder. Meanwhile, four people were killed and 23 others were wounded in a gun attack in Vienna on November 2. A heavily armed man opened fire on people outside cafes and restaurants when many were out enjoying drinks and eating out before a looming midnight curfew, as Austrian restrictions were about to come into force to try to stem rising cases of COVID-19.

President Macron

As the perpetrators are committing these heinous crimes in the name of Religion, the first duty of the Global Community is to condemn Islamic Extremism. However, the real responsibility lies with the perpetrators, and not their Religion or Society, in any case. It is hence, those – who are blaming the Islamic World after these gruesome massacres – are wrong. Unfortunately, the Muslim Population in France and Austria are facing renewed hostility and attacks because of this mentality. In a civilised and rational society, an entire community cannot be blamed for the actions of a few of its members. In this context, one can recall the controversial remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron.

During the memorial service for the slain teacher, President Macron had mentioned: “We will continue, Master, we will defend the Freedom that you know so brilliantly, and we will carry the banner of Secularism high.” He also said: “We will not abandon drawings and caricatures, and even if some retreat, we will provide all the opportunities that the Republic must offer to its youth without discrimination and marginalisation. We will continue, Master, with all the professors and teachers in France.

Samuel Patty

Although many have considered the President’s harsh remarks as Anti-Islamic, Macron has clarified that he wanted to motivate people to fight against Separatism, apart from upholding the values of the Republic, and advocating for Secularism and Independence. According to the President, his intention was to identify the global crisis in case of present-day practices in Islam! In France, the adherents of Islam are not large in number. However, they have been playing a significant role in the French Society for a long time. The President of a Secular State cannot blame this entire population for isolated incidents. Time and again, President Macron has repeatedly highlighted the unity and social cohesion in France. Even during the above-mentioned memorial service, he spoke out against the trap of stigmatising French Muslims! So, it may not be wrong to surmise that the way the Islamic World has condemned the French President, instead of criticising the act of terrorism in the name of Islam, is highly inappropriate, undesirable and unfortunate!

Keeping this possibility in mind, President Macron should have been more cautious while commenting on sensitive issues. His motive was good… but, the comments have made the situation more complex. Most importantly, the term Islamic Terrorism has not been coined by leaders, like Macron. Instead, some of these Terrorists proudly use the term in an attempt to exhibit their might at the global stage. Therefore, duties and responsibilities of the Liberals have become difficult. They would have to confront Islamic Terrorism, as well as to provide the Islamic World with due Respect and Security. The Islamic World, too, has some duties and responsibilities. They cannot make progress without condemning heinous crimes, Institutionally and Socially

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