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The Social Media form a very strong platform of human communication that can change the entire contexts radically. It seems that Human Beings were waiting for the Social Media with a desire to show their true characteristics. It is as if one had kept her/his emotion to destroy everything inside herself/himself! It has often been heard in the Social Media that there is no such thing as a pandemic, while others opine that vaccination shall reduce our immunity power and people will die instantly! In recent times, a young Indian netizen has written on the Facebook that if we use masks, then we will be suffocated with our own virus! While some so-called educated people post unparliamentary words on their Social Media Pages publicly, others often end up sending indecent messages to others through this platform! The Social Media have successfully revealed the inner instincts of the human beings, which were being held back for long due to the absence of such a platform. However, the Social Media have made it possible to release parts of our inner feelings in a different way in the 21st Century!

The tale of the Post-Truth, created by the Social Media, is much bigger… Now, one can easily ignore the ‘social’ aspects of the ‘Society’ for the sake of Instant and Constant Communication. On has also become capable to give up the ‘real’ for the ‘virtual’! As we can do these, we do not have to think about ‘others‘… It has always been difficult to give due recognition to the person who is different from others. Because of this difficulty, we have to depend on science, justice, as well as the process of thinking out of the box… The Social Media have taught us that this practice is completely unnecessary, as there is no need to think about others!

We have also learnt that Survival is all about living with our own Screens, and there is nothing greater or bigger than that! Nowadays, the world of a person begins and ends with ‘I’. It is, hence, we believe what we want to believe, and consider it as real! We also want others to consider our real as authentic! We tend to keep saying the same thing over and over, so that we can establish that as the only truth!

The Social Media cannot be called Leviathan in the modern world. With the help of George Orwell’s ‘1984‘ model, no one can say that no Big Brother is watching us, and it is just our own Tale! It is not the fact that we have decided to exist in the Screen or in virtual beings, thus, welcoming the Modern Technology. ‘The Social Dilemma’ – a 2020 American docudrama film written by Jeff Orlowski, Davis Coombe, and Vickie Curtis; and directed by Jeff Orlowski – tells how the intellectuals, who created the world of Social Media with all sorts of ground-breaking works, are amazed because of the dangerous impact of the social networking on the human mind. It becomes increasingly difficult for Human Beings to stay out of the Social Media networking system…

The Social Media have also taught us to make some voids in our mind, and to place our Enemies there! It is a simple task, as it does not require logic, intellect or time to think. That is why the Traditional Learning Process used to advise us to think and to know as much as possible. People do not follow this piece of advice, as they want to perceive the World through the spectacles of the Social Media.

In its latest report, the Facebook, Inc. has stated that there has been an increase in polarisation, violence, rape, murder and other criminal activities, with people using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram more and more! The Experts are of the opinion that the human brain, because of its divisiveness, has a spontaneous tendency to split itself; and the Social Media use this very tendency in order to divide the Society!

If we are so determined to dig our traumas out of our systems, then there remains no need to think about why we get hurt. If we call someone a witch, or a drug addict, or a devil; then the TV anchor will certainly promote our views. And, we shall share the video on the Social Media. Even if the rest of the society burns the body of a gang-rape victim, we say that nothing has happened! It is because the Social Media have promoted a new Social Philosophy that says: Do not compare yourself with others!

One should not make a mistake by describing the only ray of unimaginable hope in the upcoming US Presidential Polls as President Donald Trump’s manipulation this time around. That is the identity of the American people. They, themselves, have created a monstrous hole in their minds, and are trying to penetrate into it now. President Trump has noticed it, and is gladly taking advantage of this situation. That is why the Corona-infected President pulled off his mask immediately after his return to the White House with a crooked smile on his face, indicating that the Coronavirus was just a Liberal conspiracy! This is also an Algorithm. Politicians across the globe try to win elections by taking advantage of the dark side of human mind with the help of the Social Media.

On one hand, we blame the Social Media for all these incidents; and on the other, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube change their rules in an attempt to control the human behaviour. Indeed, the Netizens do not know how to use the Social Media. This is not the platform to showcase their lusts! When people enjoy the taste of blood, no technology can stop them. A 22-minute movie projecting the Coronavirus as a Plan-demic, and not a Pandemic, went viral on the Social Media in May 2020. The sequel of the film had been released in August 2020. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter banned both the movies. Yet, millions of people watched those two movies.

Orlowski, the Director of The Social Dilemma, recently penned an essay, titled ‘We need to rethink Social Media before it’s too late’. In the essay, he quoted Neil Postman, who in his publication ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business’, wrote: “People will come to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.” He was right… Technology has turned us into slaves. We have forgotten how to love others, the society and how to ensure a true advancement!

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