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It is often said that an illusion remains even after one’s death, and one can experience this near their graves. A creepy thing often comes up in one’s mind when s/he thinks about graveyards. To keep the memory of their loved ones intact, their near and dear ones tend to enact various designs, mostly on the tombstones, or construct the graves with special architectural shapes. There are some graves in this world that are quite different from the traditional ones. The design or architecture of those tombs are really uncommon, as if they replicate the illusions that are intended to remain even after the deceased left this world!

There lies a grave of a Mickey Mouse lover in this world. It is actually the grave of the teenage girl who was a die-hard fan of the cartoon character. After the girl’s demise, her family members placed a portrait of the teenager on the grave, along with that of Mickey Mouse…

Another one is the Piano Grave, sporting a piano – made of stone – on this grave, with a lady lying on it. This one is of a piano player, and the design carries the memory of that lady…

A grave can be found in Italy, where it is evident that the person had died from excessive smoking from its design!

There is a lid on another grave. The lid can be removed to get inside. It is the grave of a 10-year-old girl, who used to get scared during the storm. So, her mother removes the lid and goes inside the grave to protect her daughter during the storm!

Another one is, perhaps, one of the finest examples of architectural beauty, showcasing a husband’s endless love for his wife, in Thailand…

The design of the grave of a little girl portrays Lord Jesus swaying her after the death…

This grave is of the Victorian Era. Perhaps, it lets people be aware of the fact that the deceased had been a convict. The grave is covered with an iron cage so that the person would not be able to leave his resting place.

This one, belonging to a couple, portrays that the husband was a Roman Catholic, while the wife was a Protestant. At that period of time, graves of Catholics and Protestants were not allowed to be side by side. Hence, a wall separates the two graves, although there is a connection between them through a construction over the wall…

The cell-phone grave! The sculpture of an old-fashioned mobile phone is seen here! It has been installed on the grave in memory of the deceased’s love for the cellular phones.

This one – situated in a rural area of Indiana, the US – shares the tale that a grandmother refused to remove her grandson’s grave, despite repeated requests by the concerned authorities. Now, the grave, in the middle of two roads, acts as a divider.

The sculpture of two skeletons, holding each other’s hands, is seen sitting on the grave. This sculpture expresses their love before the death.

Crosswords on the grave! It shows the love of the deceased for the crossword-puzzles!

And finally, the grave of a French journalist portrays that the ever-active journalist seems to remain awake even after his demise….

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