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Her father was with the Afghan Government in its war against the Taliban militants. So, the Talibans raided their residence and shot her father dead. Her mother was also shot dead by the militants, while trying to save her husband. Then, the 15-year-old girl took an AK-47 rifle and gunned down two militants! It is due to her resistance, other militants left the place, immediately!

No, this is not a scene from a movie or web series. The incident recently took place in a remote village in the central Afghan Province of Ghor. And then, the Global Community started showering praises on Afghan teenager Qamar Gul for her bravery.


The local media reported that the Talibans targeted Qamar’s father, as he was a supporter of the Government of Afghanistan. Local Police Chief Habibur Rahman Malekzada informed the media that the Taliban militants had arrived in the village on that night to catch Qamar’s father, and the village chief. They dragged Qamar’s father out of their house, prompting her mother to try to resist the intruders. However, the militants gunned both of them down!

In the presence of the Police Chief, Qamar told the press: “My mother ran to stop them, but by then they had already broken the door. They took my father and mother outside and shot them several times. I was terrified.” She said: “I picked up the gun we had at home, went to the door and shot at them.” Gul, who was taught by her father how to fire an AK-47 assault rifle, added that her brother stepped in soon after the insurgents tried to return fire. “My brother took the gun from me and shot him. The fighter ran away injured, only to return later,” stressed the girl. Qamar added: “I no longer fear them and I’m ready to fight them again.

The Afghan Government has taken the issue seriously. Munera Yousufzada, a senior Defence Ministry official, insisted that Qamar’s “brave act” was a strong message to the Taliban from the women. “The Taliban must realise and know that today’s women are different than the women during their rule,” she said. President Ashraf Ghani, too, praised Qamar for “defending her family against a ruthless enemy“.

Meanwhile, people from different parts of the globe have urged the Government of President Ghani to protect the girl. On her Facebook page, noted Women’s Rights Activist and former Parliamentarian Fawzia Koofi wrote: “I demand that the president help transfer her to a safe place as her and her family’s security is at risk.

A photo of Qamar, posing with a gun, has gone viral soon after it was circulated online.

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