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A Paris-based bakery has made a shocking claim. Louise Raguet, an employee of the bakery, has said that she collects women’s urine from public toilets to make the famous Boucle d’Or or Goldilocks bread! Raguet, an engineer and also an eco-feminist, has also said that the bakery dilutes the urine 20 times before using it as an ingredient! The bread is, then, fertilised with that urine. And, this is how the healthy and delicious bread gets prepared!

According to Raguet, women’s urine is a great fertiliser, and the main aim of this project is to overcome the prejudice over human body waste. She further claimed that one tends to get rid of most of the important nutrients by flushing the toilet. Talking to the New York Times, the engineer stressed that the apparently disgusting liquid, totally waste, should be considered as an ingredient of valuable product.

Raguet stressed: “It’s ideal to replace chemical fertilisers and avoid the pollution they cause.” She added: “People do not really know what is going on behind the toilet. Everything must disappear as if by magic, everything is hidden. When you pee in water, treatment plants remove the nutrients. They do not return to the earth. The system is not circular.

Raguet explained that urine contains nitrogen, potassium and other essential nutrients that plants get from the soil while preparing food. It is to be noted that the usage of Urea, apart from Nitrobacter and Azotobacter, as a fertiliser in farming processes is common in most of the places in the world.

As per a study carried out by the French Urban Planning Agency, it would be possible to make 29 million loaves of baked products by collecting women’s urine! And if the farmers use it, they will no longer have to use 603 metric tonnes of artificial fertiliser made from nitrogen.

Meanwhile, the Global Community is yet to welcome the French Food Revolution!

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