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Human Civilisation is swallowing the forests, slowly… as a result, residents of the jungles are losing their homes every day! The rapid growth of civilisation makes the animals homeless, helpless, as well as vulnerable. Still, they try to resist when humans make an attempt to destroy their homes! An orangutan has recently been seen making an unsuccessful attempt to save his home…
Indian Forest Service employee Parveen Kaswan recently posted the heart-breaking video of the incident on Twitter. The video shows that some Forest Department officials are cutting big trees with an excavator. The orangutan can be seen walking over the branch of a tree, lying parallel to the ground, toward the huge machine. The forest officials immediately stopped the machine in order to prevent the animal from getting hurt…
According to Kaswan, the orangutan tried to stop the excavator with its hands. When the animal realised that it won’t be possible to stop the machine, it took shelter behind another tree. Kaswan recorded the entire event in his camera and then, posted it on Twitter.


The Forest Department official wrote: “Oranguton spend most of time on trees, and now only found in Borneo and Sumatra. Considered as very intelligent and most arboreal among apes, the Orangutons have become a critically endangered animal.” Meanwhile, Kaswan did not disclose the exact location where he had shot the video. So far, more than 19,000 Netizens have enjoyed (rather than viewed) the video.

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