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The West & The Waste Bin…

The First World is yet to overcome its colonial mentality… and, Britain is one such country that still believes it has every right to create troubles for its former colonies!
Sri Lanka recently claimed that Britain had offloaded dangerous waste to India and Dubai in 2017-18. Sri Lankan Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera has informed the Parliament about the development, saying that the Customs Department found morgue and plastic wastes which were sent to India and Dubai from the UK.
Different European countries had reportedly sent hazardous waste to various Asian nations in the past, thus, triggering a controversy. It seems that Europe has decided not to change the practice. A Sri Lankan company imported 241 containers, filled with 3,000 tonnes of hazardous waste, last year and planned to send those to different parts of Asia! Fifteen of those containers or 180 tonnes of waste were sent to India and Dubai… According to the minister, Colombo has asked London how the latter sent hazardous waste to the tiny island nation without informing the Sri Lankan Government?

Speaking at the Parliament, Samaraweera stressed that 130 containers were unloaded inside the No Trade Zone near Colombo. As a result, the air and water have been polluted in that region. The Government asked the Sri Lankan company to return the rest of the waste to Britain immediately, and decided to take legal actions against the culprits!
Preliminary investigation suggests Britain falsely claimed that the containers were full of mattresses. However, the Customs Department found medical and other waste inside them. Meanwhile, the Importing Agency Officials told the Customs officers that a Company, which has the permission to use the No Trade Zone, recycles used mattresses. So, there were mattresses inside the containers, and not medical waste!
It is to be noted that that Indonesia recently announced that it would send 210 tonnes of waste back to Australia, while Canada confirmed that it would bring 69 containers, filled with waste, back from the Philippines! It is unfortunate that the First World nations have always accused the Asian and African nations of polluting the global environment even after being responsible for doing the same. It’s important for the Global Community to put the First World under tremendous pressure on environmental pollution… else, the entire world will suffer!

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