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Myths, Murals & A Man…!

Members of an Indian Delegation have claimed that they recently found a mural of Lord Rama or Ram – a major deity of Hinduism and the hero of the Ramayana, the oldest Sanskrit (Indian) Epic composed sometime in the 5th Century BC – at a cliff in Iraq!
The Indian Delegation visited Iraq earlier in June. After its return from the West Asian nation, Head of the Delegation and Indian Ambassador to Baghdad Pradeep Singh Rajpurohit said that they discovered the mural of a King etched into the Darband-i-Belula cliff, overlooking a narrow pass in Iraq’s Horen Shekhan area. According to the envoy, the mural depicts a bare-chested king, holding a bow and a quiver of arrows at his side, a short sword in his belt, and a supplicant with folded palms, who should be the Hanuman or monkey chief of Hindu mythology and a devoted helper of Lord Rama. There is a plate near the cliff in which the Iraqi Archaeological Society has mentioned that the mural was made of circa in 2000 BC.

The Mural

However, the Iraqi Historians and Archaeologists have denied the claim made by the Indian Delegation, stating that the mural depicts Tardunni, the head of a mountain tribe. According to the Iraqi scholars, similar etchings elsewhere in the country depict Kings and kneeling supplicants believed to be ‘prisoners‘…


Talking to the media in the northern Indian city of Lucknow earlier this week, Yogendra Pratap Singh, the Director of Ayodhya Shodh Sansthan, said that he had urged the Indian Embassy on behalf of New Delhi to visit the site. “There is anecdotal evidence on imprints of Rama in Belula pass, but this delegation collected graphical proof to undertake a detailed study to establish a link between the Indian and Mesopotamian Cultures,” he stressed!


It is to be noted that Iraq was one of the few countries in West Asia with which India established diplomatic relations at the embassy level immediately after the latter’s Independence in 1947. The two nations signed the Treaty of Perpetual Peace and Friendship in 1952 and an agreement of co-operation on cultural affairs in 1954…

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