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Category: Iraq

Cultural Diplomacy?

Does the Shiite Crescent, a term used to describe a geopolitical entity consisting of Iran, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, represent the mainstay of of Iran’s expansionist strategy in West […]

Withdrawal Symptoms?

It is being observed that the militants have started launching a series of rocket attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan shortly after the outgoing Donald Trump Administration in Washington DC announced […]

Online Availability!

The US had spent a large amount of dollars to catch him… however, he is available online for just USD 20! Well, Saddam Hussein – the former President of Iraq […]

Not An Act Of Terrorism, But…

At least 60 people were killed in Baghdad last week. This time, it was not a terror attack, but clashes between anti-Government protesters and the Police that claimed those innocent […]

The Caliph, With Many Lives…

US President Donald Trump announced on October 27 that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the violent Jihadist group Islamic State (IS), had died during an overnight raid led by the US forces in Syria, along with the news of his likely successor with nom de guerre Abu Hassan al-Muhajir getting killed by the American airstrike, while reportedly getting smuggled across Northern Syria. The question now arises naturally: Will these deaths make the world a safer place?

Art Taking Refuge To Boxes

Quite a few box-shaped rooms… or rooms inside boxes… this may remind us of the song ‘Little Boxes’… but, these boxes are not like them! Even, the shapes of all […]

Standing One’s Ground…

Iraq had won the AFC Asian Cup Football Tournament in 2007. The West Asian Nation was experiencing a Civil War at that time, with the US Army in its spree […]

Riham’s Childhood…

A five-year-old girl… her physical strength, one can readily assume… yet, she held her baby sister’s shirt in a tight grip as she dangled precariously from whatever was left of […]

Myths, Murals & A Man…!

Members of an Indian Delegation have claimed that they recently found a mural of Lord Rama or Ram – a major deity of Hinduism and the hero of the Ramayana, […]