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Civilisation Speaks

The proponents of Identity Politics are visibly unhappy with the British Politicians! Identity Politics tries to contain a person to any one of the different social dimensions, such as caste, religion, colour, race, nationality, state, language, etc. However, the advocates of Liberalism have always warned the Global Community about the dangers of the ‘One-Dimensional Identity’… Nobel laureate Indian Economist Amartya Sen has analysed how ‘Solitarism’ gives strength to violence or violent activities in different parts of the world! It becomes more horrific when the concept of ‘Ultra-Nationalism’ influences the Society… or the State Power wants an individual to surrender to the former, unconditionally… and if the individual ignores the State’s diktat, the person gets portrayed as ‘Anti-National’!

James Cleverly.jpg
James Cleverly

A section of British Politicians denies the idea of this one-dimensional identity. Senior Conservative leader James Cleverly recently said: “You can be proudly British and also proudly Indian at the same time.” Lord Gadhia, a Member of the House of Lords, is of the opinion that immigrants cannot be forced to choose his home country as the absolute criterion of their identity. According to the investment banker and businessman, modern men are comfortable with ‘multi-dimensional’ identities.

Lord Jitesh.jpg
Lord Jitesh Kishorekumar Gadhia

Conservative MP Norman Tebbit had claimed that the 1999 World Cup Cricket tournament was a test of ‘National Loyalty’ for the thousands of Indians settled in the UK and who had accepted British Nationality. However, majority of the British-Indian rejected Tebbit’s idea and showed a more relaxed approach towards National Affiliation. Many felt that one’s choice of favourite cricket team was independent of his or her ‘Ethnic’ background or ‘Nationality‘! The episode is famous as ‘Tebbit test‘. Tebbit was of the opinion that immigrants could become proper British citizens only by abandoning the Culture and Lifestyle of the country where they were born, and on the contrary, James Cleverly and Lord Gadhia would stress on ‘plurality’ or ‘multi-dimensional’ identity!

Norman Tebbit.jpg
Norman Tebbit

Perhaps, this ‘Liberal Pluralist’ idea is not the reflection of the entire British Politics or Society. In Brexit-bound Britain, the people seemingly are much more interested in ‘narrow one-dimensional identity’! However, the stand taken by the Conservative Politicians has made it clear that the one-dimensional identity is yet to rock the nation, which has practised ‘multiculturalism’ for long. This is the voice of civilisation! Unfortunately, this voice has become somewhat feeble in a major part of the World…

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