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A ‘Fenced’ Reality!

The girl, wearing a maroon gown and hat, was spotted sharing the stage with her friends… Her eyes, perhaps, were trying to find someone… Sarai Ruiz, the 18-year-old girl who graduated on May 24, was celebrating the event with her schoolmates. Although her friends were enjoying every moment of the event, Sarai was sad, as she was able to bring only her mom with her… she was missing her dad on this important day of her life. Immediately after attending the event, Sarai left for her home in Mexico from the US… she knew that her father was waiting for her at the other end of the Border! She gave her dad a tight hug after crossing the barbed border fence, as both had tears in their eyes…


Later, Sarai posted the video recording of her meeting with her father on Facebook. There, she wrote: “I graduated today. I tried so hard not to cry when we saluted our parents knowing that only my mom was there. I knew my father would never see me walk to get my diploma, but today, I’d thought I’d surprise him by crossing the bridge so he could see me with my cap and gown.” The video has already been viewed more than 1.9 million times!

The girl.jpg

Sarai was born in Wisconsin, the US. Her father, Esteban Ruiz, was deported from the US when she was only four years old. The concerned American authorities did so as Esteban had arrived there with no valid papers. However, the US government had spared Sarai and her mother. Before leaving for Nuevo Laredo (Mexico), Esteban had told his daughter: “Don’t worry. Nobody will ever separate us. Only God can separate us.” Later, the girl and her mother returned to Nuevo Laredo. Sarai had to cross the US-Mexico border every single day to attend Hector J Garcia High School in Laredo, Texas.
Sarai’s High School Principal Jose E Iznaola has praised her determination, stressing: “(Sarai) represents the true grit and spirit of the American dream; people fighting for an opportunity to improve their lives, their family, and their community.” He further said: “When, as educators, we see stories like this, we need to remember the all of our students deserve that we work hard for them.

The US-Mexico Border.jpg
The US-Mexico Border

The Mexican girl has decided to continue her studies at the University of Texas at Austin next fall. However, Sarai has no idea about what will happen, if President Donald Trump gets a Wall erected at the border! There are many Mexican children, living with ‘The Great American Dream’. Like Sarai, they, too, want to get admitted to US schools.
Meanwhile, Washington has claimed that it has arrested nearly 144,000 Mexican immigrants in recent times. Still, Sarai believes that no power could stop the Mexican children from crossing the border. On Facebook, she wrote: “Since I was four… all this time has passed and it’s true, nothing could ever separate us. A border’s not going to separate us, not a bridge, not being able to cross… it’s not going to change that fact that we’re still family.

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