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The Humane PM

He is, apart from being a Doctor by profession, the Prime Minister of a country! Hence, he spends his weekends at a hospital, mostly inside the Operation Theatre! Lotay Tshering had become the Prime Minister of Bhutan on November 7, 2018… still, he spends hours operating on patients on Saturdays! The Prime Minister believes that it is his duty to pay proper respect to his profession… he is, at the first place, a Doctor, and then, a Politician!

PM Lotay Tshering.jpg
PM Lotay Tshering

Tshering recently said that some play golf, while others enjoy archery to get rid of their work pressure… as for him, he loves to operate on patients, desiring to perform his job till his last breath. He even would like to visit the Hospital every day, instead of going to the Prime Minister’s Office!


Tshering is of the opinion that there is not much difference between running a Nation, and treating Patients…. at hospitals, he would examine the patients to diagnose their maladies, and then would treat them… In a likewise manner, he tries to diagnose the important national issues, and then proceed to solve them as the PM. The premier also visits the Hospital on Thursdays, mainly to discuss health-related issues with young doctors and foreign specialists, apart from giving advice to them on various medical issues!

The PM.jpg

Bhutan is popularly known as a ‘Happy Himalayan Nation’. Now, the story of the Doctor-turned-PM has gone viral on the Internet, with the Netizens showering praises on Tshering for respecting his Profession as a Doctor. Tshering had studied Medical Science in Bangladesh, Japan, Australia and the US, before joining Politics in 2013. However, his party did not taste success that year… He won the election and went on to become the PM in 2018…

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