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Crime & Punishment…

Honestly, words – like ‘Rare’ and ‘Exceptional’ – are yet to lose their actual meaning… else, the father of a murdered 17-year-old boy could not say that he feels “more pity than hate” for his son’s killer…
Malcolm Mide-Madariola was waiting for his friend when he was stabbed to death near Clapham South Tube Station in South-West London on November 2, 2018. Malcolm’s father Olumide Wole-Madariola recently said that he was eager to meet the boy convicted of murdering his son, if given the chance. He also said that his family launched a charity for vulnerable youngsters, soon after his son’s death!

Malcolm Mide-Madariola.jpg
Malcolm Mide-Madariola

Incidentally, the accused was 17-year-old, too, when he had committed the heinous crime. A 19-year-old admitted having a knife in connection with his death. Malcolm was attacked when he made an attempt to save one of his friends from the attacker. The offense has already been proved in the Court and both the teenagers would be sentenced at the Old Bailey on July 5, 2019…
Like other major cities in the world, London has witnessed many such incidents in recent times. However, not a single city has met a family, like Malcolm’s! Olumide did not urge the Judiciary to award Severe Punishment to his son’s murderer. He did not say that he was waiting for the judgement. Instead, he stressed: “When a youth’s life is destroyed there’s a future leader’s life destroyed, a future leader in the family, in society. If I have the opportunity, I’d be willing to meet (Malcolm’s killer) because they’ve still got years ahead of them.” Olumide further said: “When they come out, they’re going to be in their adulthood. So, I would be willing to speak with them and hope they use the best part of their years to be a better part of society.

Malcolm with.jpg
Malcolm (L) with his father Olumide (R)

Olumide’s statement has made it clear that he has a great quality to forgive people! His move has also enabled people understand the fact that he judges human beings from a completely different angle! He would like to stress on the social perspective of any criminal activity. He possesses the knowledge that “Man is the prisoner of his own Experience”, and also that traumatic childhood aids in a way in getting a person indulge into criminal activities. Olumide is an ardent believer of the theory that it is important for the society to strive to help criminals to lead normal lives… it is hence he has launched the charity for vulnerable youngsters in the UK…

Olumide visited Theresa May to tell her about his foundation

This initiative comes from a great idea of justice, which is called ‘Restorative Justice’ or an approach to justice, in which the response to a crime is to organise a meeting between the victim (or his/her family members), and the offender, sometimes with representatives of the wider community… This idea does not deny the need for punishment for the offender, but considers the opportunity of self-correcting measures as an integral part of the trial process! While some countries accept the concept of ‘Restorative Justice’, others are yet to include this in the Judicial Process.


In fact, the Global Community thinks that the concept of Judicial Trial is closely related to crimes and punishments. The modern society, seemingly, believes that punishment is another way to take revenge, legally. In such a situation, Olumide has set a new example. People, like Olumide, have the strength to change this world!

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