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Category: Brexit

Significant… Historically & Politically

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron has managed to win a second term as French President, in spite of losing popularity. With this, he has created history, as it has happened in […]

To Unlock The Opportunities

British Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is all set to visit India at the end of April 2021. He was scheduled to attend India’s Republic Day Celebration as […]

As Seen From ‘nother Angle…

Eric Lonergan – an English Macro Fund Manager, Economist and Writer – has claimed that German-speaking Czech author Franz Kafka had predicted BREXIT in the 20th Century! In an article […]

Choosing A Career Path…

He is the Prime Minister of Great Britain, yet his salary is seemingly not enough! It is hence, he, possibly, is planning to resign from his current position… The British […]

Will & Way

Britain snapped its 47-year-old ties with the European Union (EU) on January 31. While Brexit brings happiness for some, others are visibly not-so-happy with the divorce! Before catching the last […]

Bill The Bong?

The Big Ben has been undergoing repair works for quite some time… the huge clock chimed only at the Midnight on January 1 in recent times. A couple of weeks […]

Determination Determines!

After Theresa May resigned as the Prime Minister on July 24 (2019), people across the globe thought that Boris Johnson would not be able to lead Britain in crisis-situation because […]

With Due Apologies…

Ahead of the December 12 Parliamentary Elections, the Labour Party has announced that it will discuss the role of former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill in the Great Famine of […]

Taking On The Prime Minister…

It is 55 versus 25! Ali Milani – a 25-year-old Iranian immigrant whose mother had moved to Britain when he was five, and raised him single-handedly – is all set […]