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Danes With A Dangerous Liaison?

The Social-Democrats have returned to Power in Denmark, after four years! In the recently-held Parliamentary Elections, the Social-Democrats – generally considered to be on the Centre-Left of Danish Politics – have received 25.9% of votes. While campaigning, they had assured people that the migrant issue would be addressed first, if they are able to form the Government….
Mette Frederiksen, the leader of the Social-Democrats, has hinted that her party will not prefer to form a Coalition Government with the help of smaller parties! Instead, she would like to secure support from the Rightists on some specific issues, like the migrant crisis. As far as issues related to ‘Social Welfare’ are concerned, the Social-Democrats are ready to seek help from the Left parties

Mette Frederiksen.jpg
Mette Frederiksen

Although Frederiksen is not interested in forming a Post-Poll Alliance with any party, the Left parties are ready to help the Social-Democrats form the government in Copenhagen. The Left parties, who managed to increase their shares of votes, have decided to keep the Centre-Right parties out of the Ruling Coalition. The Social-Democrats and three other Left-Wing parties, now, hold a majority of 91 of 179 seats in the Parliament, while the Right-Wing has won 79.
The Danish People’s Party, generally described as ‘Right-Wing Populist’ by the Academics and ‘Far-Right’ by the International Media, has failed to perform well in the recently-concluded elections. An ‘Ultra-Nationalist’ wave has rocked Europe in recent times. However, Denmark is an exception, as the Danish People’s Party has got just 8.7% of votes, despite giving populist slogans during election campaign. The People’s Party has also lost its status of ‘the second largest party in the Parliament’ (after the 2019 polls)!

Denmark Poll.jpg

Immediately after the announcement of results, 41-year-old Frederiksen greeted her countrymen, saying: “You have chosen that Denmark should have a new majority, that Denmark should take a new direction. And you have chosen that Denmark should have a new government.” In a rare first, Denmark will get such a young Prime Minister. Outgoing Liberal Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen – whose party has been in power for 14 of the past 18 years, tendered his resignation to Queen Margrethe II immediately after conceding defeat!
According to Political Experts, the supporters of Danish People’s Party cast their votes in favour of the Social-Democrats, as Frederiksen had assured the people that her party would take a tough stand on the migrant issue, ahead of the election. It is to be noted that the Social-Democrats had taken a similar stand on this particular issue in the 1980’s, and also in the 1990’s. However, they had to change their stance because of the Left parties, who were also in the Ruling Coalition at that time. Now, the Social-Democrats plan to stick to their old stand. Meanwhile, The New Right – a party which has openly taken an anti-Muslim stand – has managed to secure 2.4% of votes after contesting elections for the first time…

Lars Lokke Rasmussen.jpg
Outgoing PM Rasmussen

Speaking at a media conference a couple of days ago, Political Scientist Flemming Juul Christiansen from the University of Roskilde said: “There will be intense negotiations… on the conditions for allowing Mette Frederiksen to become the Prime Minister.” He also said that Frederiksen “will now have to demonstrate whether she has the shoulders of a stateswoman, capable of rising above old conflicts to seize the opportunity voters have given the Centre-Left”. Christiansen predicted “a war of nerves” in the coming weeks…
All the best, Mette Frederiksen!

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