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Category: Scandinavia

A ‘Different’ Foreign Investment

In what may be seen as a huge boost for the Indian defence sector, Swedish firm Saab has decided to manufacture Carl-Gustaf M4 weapon system in the South Asian nation. […]


Although William Shakespeare had mentioned: “What’s in a name?“, the fact is that names can mean a lot. A fine example of this is a village in Sweden. It seems […]

Off The Coast, Near Kristiansand…

The year was 1940… the Nazi Imperialism had devastated Europe! Karlsruhe, a German warship, was near the coast of Norway. The 174mt light armoured cruiser was attacked by the British […]

Young At The Helm…

She has become the Prime Minister of her country at the age of 34, after serving as the Transport Minister for some time! Not only Finland, but the world gets […]


Greta Thunberg – a teenager from Sweden – did what the top world leaders could not do! She strongly criticised US President Donald Trump that went viral on the social […]

Syndrome & Symbol

She has become the symbol of Climate Change Movement. Now, stalwart statesmen follow her path. However, people used to make fun of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg because of her illness in the […]

Pole(ing) Stations…

What if we purchase Greenland? US President Donald Trump recently made such a comment. It would have been good for the Global Community if they could dismiss the US President’s […]