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The Valley Of Fear & Pain!

Reality, at times, is much more dreaded than Imagination… the present situation in Kashmir does speak of that! People of Kashmir have been staging protests against Repression (by the State) for the last three decades. The situation has triggered a number of protests, demanding Autonomy for the region during this period, while the Government of India allowed the Army to enjoy absolute power in the Valley in the pretext of countering Terrorism!
Two Human Rights Organisations recently published a horrific report on the current situation in the northern Indian Province of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K). These two Organisations documented statements of 432 Kashmiri men and women – who were brutally tortured by the Indian forces – in the 560-page detailed report. These people mentioned different techniques of tortures, which include inserting rods in the body, electric shock, rape, anal sex, water boarding, etc., used by the Indian forces! As per the report, at least 40 people died while experiencing the brutality…


The report reminds us of Guantánamo Bay detention camp, a US military prison located within a Naval Base on the coast of Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. The detention camp set a new milestone by torturing people detained only on the basis of suspicion! After the 9/11 terror attacks in the US, the American forces detained more than 700 suspected terrorists and tortured them at Guantánamo Bay detention camp. As the US soldiers used latest methods during interrogations, the detention camp became the symbol of the Bush Administration’s ‘War against Terror‘!

Guantánamo Bay.jpg
Guantánamo Bay Camp

There, seemingly, is an amazing similarity between the techniques of torture at Guantánamo Bay and at 206 secret camps set up by the Indian Government in Kashmir! There is another similarity, as well… the majority of the detainees at Guantánamo have not been charged with any crime and they were detained without trial for a long time. The report has claimed that 70% of the detainees in Kashmir Valley are common people with no criminal background!!! In other words, these people are facing the ire of the State without committing any crime…
Detention for interrogations in troubled areas is not unusual. However, there are some official rules and regulations, explaining how to behave with the detainees. Unfortunately, it is said that the Indian soldiers break those rules more often than frequently in Kashmir! Even, the Indian Government is not ready to discuss this issue with the Human Rights Organisations!


The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) had sent three letters to the Government of India in March in which the UN body clearly mentioned that the Indian Army had killed 76 innocent people in Kashmir in the last 28 years… the UNHRC wanted to know about steps taken by New Delhi against the perpetrators and also about the conditions of the family members of those people who had become victims of the State-Sponsored Terror… and, India, reportedly, refused to reply to it…

Protests in Kashmir

According to the UNHRC, Human Rights are being violated each day in the Kashmir Valley. It further expressed serious concern over the increasing number of missing people in J&K and also over increasing use of modern weapons by the Indian Forces in Civil Areas…
When the State itself is accused of violating Human Rights, and is reluctant to accept the allegations, how, then, it is possible for common people to get Justice?

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