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It’s A Wonderful World

Think Globally, Act Locally!
This phrase has been used in different contexts since the 1960s. In one sense, the phrase was derived from the global geopolitics in the 19th Century, and has continued to motivate the international community. Some Historians are of the opinion that the concept was born in industrially developed European countries, where the solidarity of the working-class people became an important issue. It was thought that the labour movements should possess a global character
Unfortunately, the labour movements failed to achieve global success long ago. However, the concept of globalised thought process and local activities has gained popularity in a different field, namely the Climatic Change!

The soil, the water and the atmosphere of the Earth (or as a whole the Nature) are in a real danger! And, the situation is constantly deteriorating, and that too fast! In order to protect the world, all the countries have decided to take some necessary steps at their local levels, apart from carrying out international projects. This consciousness is being manifested in various initiatives.
One of such initiatives is Extinction Rebellion – a socio-political movement that uses nonviolent resistance to protest against climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse!
Immediately after its foundation on October 31, 2018, Extinction Rebellion has come to the limelight. The rebels gathered in major European cities in the last week of April, as they requested their governments not to destroy the nature and the environment in the pretext of development.

Extinction Rebellion

In Britain, the protesters forced the government to stop cutting trees that was deemed necessary for implementing a railway expansion project. The Opposition Labour Party promised to raise the issue of environment protection in the House of Commons. Similar promptness has also been seen in other countries.
Even, the American people have started opposing President Donald Trump’s terrific anti-environmental policies! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an American politician and member of the Democratic Party, has launched a movement to address climate change and to transform the US to a 100% renewable, zero-emission energy source.

Meanwhile, the scenario is completely different in India. With the South Asian nation holding its 17th Parliamentary Elections in seven phases, leaders of all the major political parties are making several promises to attract voters. However, none of them has raised the environmental issues! Now, the people of India will have to follow the path of their counterparts in Europe and the US, and to put their leaders under tremendous pressure so that they could do something in order to protect the environment. It is up to the people of India to decide whether they would play the role of mere spectators or a decisive role in safeguarding this beautiful world!
The people should remain active at local level with a global view, else we can’t protect our environment and this world

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