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A Scenario Slightly Modi-fied?

Ahead of becoming the Prime Minister of India in 2014, Narendra Modi had promised that he would create 20 million job opportunities per year for the deserving unemployed Indians. As the South Asian nation is all set to hold its 17th Parliamentary Elections in seven phases from April 11 to May 19, the Opposition parties have launched attacks on the Indian PM, claiming that he has miserably failed to keep his promise.
Various surveys have depicted this grim picture of the Indian job market, as well! Oxfam India has recently said that the Modi government not only failed to create new job opportunities, but many Indians became jobless in the last five years! As per the latest Oxfam report – titled ‘Mind the Gap – State of Employment in India‘, the situation in the job market is stated as a terrible and frustrating one… and the policies adopted by the government are responsible for that! The advocacy firm has advised the Indian government to concentrate on the labour intensive sectors, instead of following the existing policies, in order to change the scenario…
Talking to the local media in New Delhi, Oxfam India CEO Amitabh Behar recently said: “Despite the rhetoric of job creation and ensuring gender justice, the reality is sobering on the ground. The report draws particular attention to women being left out of the economic growth narrative… It shows that participation of women has been low, due to a steady decline in rural jobs, transforming urban areas, unequal pay, the burden of unpaid care work, and the continuing prevalence of regressive social norms; and this is a consequence of poor policy choices, and lack of investment in social security and infrastructure.

Narendra Modi

For her part, Ranu Bhogal, the Director (Policy Research and Campaigns) of Oxfam India, stressed: “In the last few years, we have heard statements and promises on providing employment and generating jobs. However, the focus has never been on delivering quality jobs. We need a labour market where people are adequately remunerated for their skills and provided social protection to access quality education and healthcare. This can help uplift families out of the cycle of poverty.
Oxfam India has blamed the current policies adopted by the Indian government for this crisis! The advocacy firm is of the opinion that the basic framework of the model adopted by India for the economic development is faulty! The Experts, too, have opined that it is difficult to predict the number of jobs on the basis of the volume of investment, because the industry is very much technology oriented these days… even an investment of millions of dollars could create less than 100 job opportunities! Hence, Oxfam India has advised the Modi government to concentrate on the labour-intensive industry, rather than the technology-based industry
Let us all hope that the PM would pay heed to the advice and suggestions made by the experts!

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