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Month: March 2019

Good Wives & Vibes…

A group of women originally from Pakistan staged protests in Srinagar in February 2019, demanding the requisite papers to visit their mothers and relatives in Pakistan. These women, with their […]

Rain (Reign) Of Terror…

Well, did that trigger fireworks! It can, cursorily, be summarised by stating as visualised: vehicle halts… person walks past the entrance… sounds and a bit of sparks of firing… people […]

Braving The Brexit

It may be said that the timing of the two exhibitions is excellent! Britain is going through a turbulent period. The final voting was scheduled to take place on March […]

The (Un)social Network…

Nowadays, it has become flagrant that the growing popularity of the social media worldwide has triggered quite a change in our society! We, seemingly, have started forgetting how to keep […]

The Ghost Town

Once upon a time, it was a lovely & lively place to dwell in. With sporting casinos, schools, hospitals and factories, the desert city of Namibia used to bustle with activities […]

Massacre & The Masses

‘It is a fact that if the racist right-wing ideology has to be uprooted from minds of the people, the global community should have to join hands, on doing so!‘ […]

The Shrouded Other Half

Well, never did she receive an adequate support neither from her immediate family, nor from outside… otherwise, Mileva Marić-Einstein (December 19, 1875-August 4, 1948) – the first wife of Albert […]

A Negative Piece Of History…

An archaeologist, who wished to remain anonymous, was searching for pieces of historical materials belonging to the American Civil War era with a metal detector near a military base in 1992. […]

The First Lady Of Westminster

The House of Commons had its first female member almost a century ago! Lady Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor (May 19, 1879-May 2, 1964) created history by sharing seats with 500 […]