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Month: March 2019

Another Journey…

Hareth Najem managed to flee the last enclave of the ISIS in eastern Syria, wounded & alone, finally. The Iraqi teenager was lucky enough to reach his motherland, as other family […]

Alms & Arms

JeM, Jihadists & Journalism… Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM, or literally ‘The Army of Muhammad’ in Urdu) is a Pakistan-based terror outfit active in Kashmir. The main motive of this group is to […]

Time To Save The Face

Faces – guarding the coastline of Easter Island in Chile – are becoming increasingly faded. Perhaps, another 100 years… and then, no one could recognise them! Conservation experts are worried […]

Bears Bearing The Brunt

It – seemingly – has become difficult for them to tolerate the rising temperature. With the ice melting because of global warming, they are now trying to find new shelters. […]

Warmth Worming Its Way Through

The dense fog in the Indian capital of New Delhi (in January-February) reportedly started creating trouble for the people living in Bhola, the largest island of neighbouring Bangladesh! People on […]

Soft Beds… Hard Battles

It had taken about five days to have a tattoo on her right hand… but the pain associated with that lingered! Faryal, the young Yazidi lady, recently said that she had […]

Purchasing Power!

The democratic nations across the globe are seemingly encountering a new form of addiction – Just Stay in Power! Rulers in those countries are trying hard to stay in power […]

Two Centuries Of Solitude?

He was much unlike others…when others drooled at, and almost eulogised the expansion of the British Empire in Victorian England, the then leading English art critic & patron of art, draughtsman, […]

War Is In The Air…

They have fought many military, political and diplomatic wars in the past seven decades. However, February 26 (2019) was a different day altogether. On that day, India reportedly conducted pre-dawn […]