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Month: March 2019

A New Zeal And Civilisation

The recent terror attack in New Zealand has made one thing clear to the World… that is the word dangerous would cease to be a strong word, in a not-too-far Future… Again, […]

Tryst With Trust, Treaties & Terrorism

Well, it seems that the Indian Ministry of External Affairs is not at all happy, as China has, once more, blocked the designation of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar as a […]

The Elixir Of Life!

The start, which tends to wake the civilised people, like us, up with a start, is at Hollywood in all probability! Mad Max 3, the movie starring Mel Gibson, did manage […]

Causal Casualties…

The year 1963… it was the month of September when India had just lost the war (not just another skirmish) against China! This defeat had damaged the then Indian Prime […]

Pedagogy & The Educator!

The US forces had searched thoroughly the house in which he reportedly took refuge. However, they had failed to find him there! Surprisingly, Mullah Omar – the late founder-initiator of the […]

Art, Artery, Artillery…

The visitors to Spain are seen stumbling at a 13ft-tall statue of King Felipe of Spain at the ARCO Art Fair in Madrid! Well, one of the principal conditions for purchasing the […]

Policing & Polishing Morality

It was the French philosopher, social theorist and literary critic Paul-Michel Foucault, whose heard mentioning: “The strategic adversary is Fascism…the fascism in us all, in our heads and in our […]

That Is All… Period!

“No men on the panel will vote for the documentary about periods because the subject is too icky…” One of male judges in the Oscar Committee commented during the recent voting on […]

A Special Spatial Saga?

‘Yessss!!! This was what was known as Human Civilisation‘! The knowledge of human beings on the Earth could have gone this far… the world’s Human Civilisation could not develop its […]