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A Special Spatial Saga?

Yessss!!! This was what was known as Human Civilisation‘!
The knowledge of human beings on the Earth could have gone this far… the world’s Human Civilisation could not develop its intellectual or technological knowledge further! When Human Civilisation would end after millions of years, the footprint(s) of it would be there in the Moon, the one and only permanent natural satellite of the Earth. It would help the Aliens or the Super Humans know about Human Civilisation!
Beresheet, an Israeli spacecraft, left the Earth for the Moon on February 21 with the memorabilia of Human Civilisation for Aliens. The spacecraft, which has a lander and a rover, would reach the Moon most probably in the month of April. It also contains a library, called the ‘Lunar Library’, which is basically a 30-million-page archive of ‘Human History and Civilisation‘. According to sources close to the concerned Israeli authorities, the Lunar Library is a small nanotech device that resembles a DVD… it is intended as a ‘backup plan’ so that everything we have ever learned as humans doesn’t get lost in Time!

An artist’s depiction of the Beresheet lander on the moon’s surface.

Consisting of 25 nickel disks, each 40 microns thick, the archive is built to withstand space conditions. It holds a multitude of types of data, explaining different nuances of the Human Race. The disks contain thousands of images of book-pages, photos, illustrations, documents, the English Wikipedia, an entire set containing books, scientific handbooks, and a key that explains languages and translations between those. This library also contains songs, texts and children’s drawings relating to Israel’s history and culture. The main aim of the project is to put copies of this data in several places on the Earth, as well in space, so that the information is likelier to survive billions of years in the Future. Moreover, the device contains both larger text that can easily be read with a simple magnifying glass, and smaller text and photos that can be accessed only using more-powerful microscopes and technology.
Commenting on the issue, Nova Spivack, the founder of Arch Mission Foundation, a Non-Profit Organisation behind the idea – whose goal is to create multiple redundant repositories of human knowledge around the Solar System, said: “One of the primary evolutionary challenges that we face is amnesia about our past mistakes, and the lack of active countermeasures to repeating them.” He added: “For the survival of our species, we need to find ways to raise our awareness of what worked and what did not work, and we need to ensure it is shared with the people of the future.

Spivack further said that as people of the far Future would presumably not have a DVD player handy and might not speak any of the languages that are now in use, scientists engraved the top of the Lunar Library’s disc with tiny images of books and other documents, explaining human linguistics. There are also instructions about how to decipher the contents of the library below it. The introductory layers can easily be viewed when magnified 100 times under a simple microscope. Then it’s up to the Aliens to build the player, so they can get to read the content of the rest of the Library!

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