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Tryst With Trust, Treaties & Terrorism

Well, it seems that the Indian Ministry of External Affairs is not at all happy, as China has, once more, blocked the designation of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist at the UN Security Council! As far as the India-Pakistan diplomatic battle is concerned, it is a setback for New Delhi at the Global Stage. Representatives of many countries had backed the proposal during the recent meeting of 15-member UNSC… However, the Chief of the Pakistan-based terror outfit has managed to escape their wrath, yet again!
It is to be noted that the UNSC had taken about a week to issue a statement after 40 Indian soldiers were killed reportedly in a terror attack (triggered by JeM) in northern Indian city of Pulwama on February 14 – the reason behind this delay being China! The Asian giant had reportedly asked the UNSC to simplify the issue of ‘terrorism’ in that statement. Beijing also demanded multiple amendments in the statement. The question naturally arises: why would China try so hard in safeguarding a terror outfit and its leader? The answer, here, is: Pakistan!

Masood Azhar

Although China had condemned the incident that took place in Pulwama on February 14, Beijing didn’t consider it as an act of terrorism! It is quite natural that the Asian Powerhouse would take such a stance on attacks triggered by a Pakistan-based terror outfit. Since the Mumbai terror attack in 2008, India has requested the UNSC a number of times to declare Azhar as a global terrorist. And on each and every occasion, it has been seen that China has used a sort of ‘technical hold’ on Azhar enlisting. In other words, the Chinese people have postponed the issue, strategically! It is to be noted that China’s position as regards to Pakistan has remained the same for several years!
One of the main pillars of ‘all weather friendship’ between Pakistan and China is India! If a Superpower, like China, wants to boost its strength, then it does not exhibit options other than playing a leadership role in South-and-Southeast Asia… and no wonder, China would consider India as its sole enemy in South Asia! In recent times, changes in the government in Sri Lanka and the Maldives have made it difficult for the Communist Nation to influence the two Countries… and now, Beijing is seemingly trying to utilise the Kashmir Issue optimally in order to create ‘internal troubles‘ for India! As the top Chinese political leadership has decided to openly back the Pakistani terror outfit, Beijing has started countering international pressure in this regard. It has even opposed the views of other UNSC members on the issue of terrorism. It is important for a Superpower to take control of its own backyard, first!


Another pillar, on which the Pakistan-China friendship rests, is Pakistan itself! At the end of the last century, a former US president was heard mentioning: “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” Yes, its economy has helped Pakistan become a natural friend of China. Beijing, which is constructing a part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on the Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir, has decided to spend USD 62 billion for this mega project. Incidentally, most of the JeM’s training camps are also located in this particular region! Therefore, China would try not to ‘disturb’ the Pakistani terror outfit, or else it may trigger a ‘nagging issue‘ of the JeM launching attacks on the CPEC!
It seems that Vice Foreign Minister of China Kong Xuanyou had visited Islamabad earlier in March to discuss this issue with senior Pakistani officials… the visiting minister might have requested the concerned authorities in Islamabad to protect the Chinese mega project at any cost! In return, Kong might have assured Islamabad that Beijing would safeguard the JeM chief, and help Pakistan use the terrorists against India in future!

India, it seems, would have to counter China alone in order to enjoy it’s status of a Global Power

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