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The (Un)social Network…

Nowadays, it has become flagrant that the growing popularity of the social media worldwide has triggered quite a change in our society! We, seemingly, have started forgetting how to keep our personal lives a private affair, that too, gradually, and consciously! As a result, members of the society have started to loosely identify the personal lives of others, heather to unknown, with a relative easeprivacy of one’s self becoming a virtual public one…
Well, there are people who, still, are not interested in exposing the shades of their bedroom walls to others… however, they now stand as minority! Senior citizens are very much comfortable with Facebook, while the younger generations prefer Twitter and Instagram! Some of the users of these social media are active, while others are relatively inactive, preferring to derive vicarious thrills while watching the activities of others! As per a recent survey, young people, aged between 14-25, tend to use Instagram in order to communicate with others.

Instagram is mainly a platform to share pictures or videos and there are 80 million people in the world who use Instagram. Among the users, nearly 60% are women! Majority of the users are US nationals, while Indians occupy the second position. In India, three-fourth of the users are males who usually tend to follow beautiful ladies. It is hence, a contest to make ourselves beautiful is going on in Instagram. The user-participants would get likes against their pictures posted there, and also get followers… the Real Game would start from there!
Youngsters, who are in their adolescence stage, keep an eye on the number of their followers. For example, A has 300 followers and B has 200. Naturally, B would try to get more followers than that of A. B can even start trying to make A’s followers his or her own, by hacking their passwords. For these teenagers, ironically, often this is not seen as a very difficult issue to hack others’ passwords, technologically, as well as ethically. After hacking A’s password, B would declare that his account has been hacked. The followers of A think that A has made this announcement, and block the hacked account. In reality, B makes the announcement! This way, B can get all the followers of A. This seemingly has a somewhat remote likeness with the acts of kite-flying, and pigeons, as seen in the Babu Culture during the days of Colonial Kolkata… again, this is not the only way, as there are many other procedures deviced to increase the number of followers in this manifestation of digital marketing!

Those, who hack others’ passwords, are not criminals, but our own children and the future of our Nations! Immediately after opening Instagram accounts, they would block senior members of their families or guardians!
There is another thing happening in Instagram… the members try to showcase themselves as much more attractive, and desirable! Compared to the aged women, young ladies are more addicted to this social networking site that has some flattering tools. These tools allow the users to present them (to other users) in a different way. Thanks to technological advancement, the appearance of a person in reality differs from the image she or he would share on Instagram.

In other words, this tenet of the social media teach the young generation how to start their lives with a lie! This is a new problem. Our children are growing up in such a hollow sphere. Majority of them are victims of this dangerous game. With this, the era of unconditional friendship is decaying and dying slowly. Is this what is left to be desired?

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