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Mayhem In May?

The month of May poses to be crucial, both for India and Belgium!
While the results of the 17th Parliamentary Elections in India would be declared on May 23, Belgium would be holding its Federal Elections on May 26. The Western European nation will also elect its members for the European Union (EU) on that day!
Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel had resigned in December after his defeat in a ‘No Confidence’ motion. As a result, the Belgians are now ready to elect a new Prime Minister.

In India, many people are not much interested in the electoral process and they don’t seem to cast their votes… However, it is mandatory for the Belgians (aged more than 18) to cast their votes. If any Belgian national is living in a foreign country, he or she can cast vote online or can give someone else the responsibility in writing to cast his/her vote… Else, the concerned authority tracks the identity of the voter and asks him/her to pay a fine for not taking part in the electoral process!
Security forces are deployed at the polling stations in both the countries. Unlike India, Belgium usually holds peaceful elections. Sometimes, the candidates help the electoral officials complete the process smoothly. Voting is done in a secret ballot in Belgium. Ahead of casting their votes, the Belgians receive a magnetic card. Only after activating the card, voters can cast their votes. The activation of the card helps the presiding officers monitor the process.

King Philippe of Belgium would announce the name of the new PM in June. Later, he would appoint the PM and all the 15 Cabinet members. There will be 11 polling centres in Belgium, including Brussels. A party can field more than one candidate in a particular constituency. Voters can cast votes in favour of one candidate, or more than one candidate of a particular party. They even apply NOTA (None of the above), also known as against all or a scratch vote!
Now, both India and Belgium are waiting for May End. The fate of the two countries, and it may be stretched as the world order, is out to be decided on May 23 (for South Asia) and on May 26 (for Western Europe, with a possible impact on the EU)!

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