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Category: UN

Climate Crisis & Tokophobia

It has become increasingly difficult to raise children mainly because of the poisoned environment of present days. As the future is not bright for the children, many young people have […]

Establishing The True Indian-ness

Dr Shashi Tharoor (b. March 9, 1956) – an Indian politician, author and former diplomat who was formerly Under Secretary General of the UN and contested for the post of […]

The True Face Of Democracy!

He dedicated his entire life to ensure the Social Rights of the tribal people in India. However, Stanislaus Lourduswamy, popularly known as Father Stan Swamy (April 26, 1937 – July […]

Disaster Looms…

Almost all the countries are desperate to get their people vaccinated as soon as possible, as it has become increasingly difficult for them to extend the period of lockdown. The […]

The Non-Existent Existence

The UN has shocked the Global Community by claiming that around 50% of women and girls in 57 countries around the world do not own their bodies! According to a […]

An Easy Way Out?

India recently sent a positive message to Sri Lanka, by abstaining from a vote on an anti-Sri Lanka resolution at the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC). The tiny Island Nation, […]


Director of World Food Programme David Beasley held discussions with filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald (available at after the online release of a documentary film on the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen, […]

Situation, Resolution, Selection, And…

India has been maintaining cordial ties with both Palestine and Israel for the last couple of decades. As the needs of a State dictate its Foreign Policy, the South Asian […]