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Owing To Low Water Levels

A centuries-old village was buried under a reservoir… Well, it was one day, when, all of a sudden, houses, neighbourhood and roads of the village became visible, as the reservoir dried up because of severe heat waves in Britain.

This incident has taken place in West Yorkshire. Due to intense heat, the water of the Baitings Reservoir in the West Yorkshire Pennines, linking Yorkshire and Lancashire, recently dried up; and the soil underneath became visible… as a result, the age-old village, which had been under water for a few hundred years, has reappeared. Although The name of this village is not known, its existence has been traced in a 16th Century map.

Sunken village reappears

A lady recently visited the place as the water of the reservoir dried up. She has posted some images of the village on her Facebook page. Those images show stone-walled houses, as well as roads made of stone. There are also stone arches, and even the remains of a tavern. The not-so-big village also had a centuries-old packhorse bridge. As evident in those images, the village was once densely populated. There were 1,250 villagers at that village in 1920, when the area was vacated for constructing the dam. Since then, the village has been under water. The reservoir was built in 1956 mainly to supply water to Wakefield.

Yorkshire Water, which maintains the reservoir, has confirmed that the water level has fallen below 50% this year, prompting the concerned authorities to issue its first hosepipe ban in 27 years. Neil Dewi, the Director of Yorkshire Water, has stressed: “The hot, dry, weather means that Yorkshire’s rivers are running low and our reservoirs are around 20% lower than we would expect for this time of year.

Meanwhile, Britain has been experiencing intense heat waves for the past one month, with different parts of the country facing acute water crises. However, the current climate condition has revealed centuries-old history, making the archaeologists happy.

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