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Present & Future Shock

A dreadful report about eastern Indian Province of West Bengal from the US created panic all over the world in 2015. And, the situation has deteriorated in the last seven years. Once considered a symbol of Indian Culture, what is happening in West Bengal today is not hidden from anyone. The communal riots against the majority Hindus have been going on for quite some time and now, the situation has been that the banning of celebrating the Hindu festivals has started.

Famous American journalist Janet Levy wrote an article on West Bengal, and the revelations made by her would slide the ground under one’s feet. In her article published in the American Thinker magazine on February 22, 2015, Levy claimed that West Bengal would soon become a separate Islamic nation. She further claimed that a Civil War might start soon in West Bengal (after Kashmir), and Hindus would be massacred. At the same time, the Muslims could demand a separate country, called Mughalistan, i.e. another Partition of India, and that too would be done with the help of sword and Chief Minister (CM) Mamata Banerjee, who is starving of West Bengal’s vote-banks.

Levy, in her article, presented several facts in favour of this claim, as she mentioned: “At the time of Partition (of the Indian Sub-continent in 1947), the population of Muslims in West Bengal, which was (and is) part of India, was slightly more than 12%, whereas Hindus in East Bengal (now Bangladesh) went to Pakistan. Today, the population of Muslims in West Bengal has increased to 27%… in some districts, it has gone up to 63%; while on the other hand, Hindus in neighbouring Bangladesh have reduced from 30% to only 8%.

Read Janet Levy’s full article:

Levy penned this article as a warning to countries that are opening their doors to Muslim refugees. She made a very sensational claim that 27% of the Muslim population in any society was enough to start demanding that the place be made a separate Islamic nation. She also claimed that Muslims used to live together with the Hindus, and as soon as 27% of the population became Muslim, they started demanding a separate country for them in order to establish the Islamic Law (Sharia).

Giving the example of West Bengal, Levy stated that the reason for Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee winning every election since 2011 was the Muslim population in the eastern Indian province. In return, Banerjee has come out with various policies mainly to appease the minority community.

Jihadi game going on with money coming from Saudi Arabia?
Soon the demand for creating a separate Islamic country in West Bengal shall arise, there is no doubt that the power-hungry Banerjee should accept it. Levy mentioned the facts for her claim that Banerjee already recognised more than 10,000 madrassas who received funds from Saudi Arabia, making degrees, given by these madrassas, eligible for government jobs. As expected, the money is coming from Saudi Arabia, and Wahhabi bigotry is taught in those madrassas. Chief Minister Banerjee also started an Islamic City Project, where hatred of non-religious people is taught. According to Levy, the CM declared various types of stipends for the Imams of mosques, although no such stipends were declared for the Hindus.

Islamic medical, technical and nursing schools are being opened all over West Bengal in order to provide Muslim students with an affordable education. Apart from this, many such hospitals are being built in which only Muslims would be treated. There are various Provincial Government-sponsored schemes to distribute bicycles, laptops and other electronic gadgets among the Muslim youths for free. It is being taken care that only Muslim boys get laptops, and not the Muslim girls.

Levy blamed followers of Islam for terrorism, stressing that millions of Hindu families, living in extreme poverty in West Bengal, are not enjoying the benefit of any such scheme. She gave many examples around the world where terrorism, religious fanaticism and crime cases started increasing with the increase of the Muslim population. With increasing population, a separate Sharia Law is demanded in those places, and then, they finally demand a separate country. According to Levy, the message has been given openly in the Quran that Islamic Rule should be established throughout the world.

Mamata Banerjee

Meanwhile, Levy mentioned the name of noted Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen in her article, stating that the Muslims have been trying to spread the Ideology of Islam everywhere by forcibly converting or killing non-Muslims, and West Bengal is no exception to this. Referring to the riots in West Bengal, she wrote that riots broke out because of Taslima Nasreen in Kolkata in 2007, as it was the first attempt by the local Muslim organisations to start demanding the Islamic Blasphemy Law.

Questions raised on India’s Secularism
In 1993, Taslima Nasreen had penned a book, titled ‘Lajja‘ (‘Shame’), on the issue of atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh, and on forcibly making them Muslims. After writing the book, she had to leave her country for fear of bigotry. Nasreen had settled in Kolkata, hoping that she would be safe there, and could enjoy Freedom, as India is a Secular country. Surprisingly, the Muslims issued Fatwas against Nasreen even in Secular India. She was also attacked several times in different Indian cities, thereafter. However, the former Left Front Government and the current Mamata Banerjee-Government in West Bengal did not provide Nasreen with adequate security in order to appease the Muslims, and to keep their vote-banks intact.

Taslima Nasreen

Way back in 2013, Levy had claimed for the first time that some fundamentalist Maulanas of West Bengal started demanding a separate Mughalistan. She made the claim after the Muslims had looted houses and shops of hundreds of Hindus, and also attacked many temples during riots. Unfortunately, the Provincial Government ordered the Police not to take any action against the rioters.

Are Hindus boycotted?
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was afraid that if actions were taken against the Muslims, they would get angry and would not vote in favour of her Trinamool Congress Party. It has been mentioned in the article that Muslims had boycotted the Hindu businessmen in Muslim-dominated districts of West Bengal at that period of time. In the districts of Malda, Murshidabad and North Dinajpur, Muslims did not even purchase goods from shops run by Hindu owners. This is the reason why a large number of Hindus started migrating from those districts. Like Kashmiri Pandits, Hindus in West Bengal have to leave their homes and businesses, and to move to other places. Hence, the Hindus have become a minority in these districts.

Demography of West Bengal (Courtesy: The Wire)

CM sending supporters of terrorist to Parliament
Levy, in her article, mentioned that CM Banerjee even started sending terrorists to the Indian Parliament. In June 2014, she sent a notorious jihadist, named Ahmed Hasan Imran, to the Rajya Sabha (the Upper House of Indian Parliament) on her party ticket. Hasan Imran is the co-founder of banned terrorist outfit, SIMI. He is accused of transferring the money of the Sarada Chit Fund Scam to the Jamaat-e-Islami of Bangladesh in order to provoke riots in the neighbouring country. The National Investigation Agency (NIA, the primary counter-terrorist task force of India) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI, the premier investigating agency of India) are investigating Hasan Imran’s involvement in the alleged crime. According to the report of the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU), Hassan Imran has been involved in many riots, and giving shelter to terrorists. He has also been accused of having links with Pakistani intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Ahmed Hasan Imran

According to Levy, the demand for Partition of West Bengal from India may soon begin to arise. Through this article, the author has warned the Western countries, who are resettling Muslim refugees, that they would have to face similar issues, like Germany and England, in near future.

Boundless Ocean of Politics has collected this article from Kavin Mathi, Data Mining and Tech Consultant, DTV, Okto, Vienna, Austria.

Kavin Mathi

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