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Tag: #partition

Allowed To Visit, Finally

It was a dream come true for a nonagenarian Indian lady, who recently crossed the barbed wire fence to step into her ancestral home in Pakistan from India, after 75 […]

Present & Future Shock

A dreadful report about eastern Indian Province of West Bengal from the US created panic all over the world in 2015. And, the situation has deteriorated in the last seven […]

United Versus Unified

It is widely believed that children are like pieces of white paper, available for anything to be written on, because their brains have not been occupied by too much knowledge, […]

In Search Of Truth

dedicated to my Apa (elder sister), Farah Deeba Deepti, the member of Election Management Committee (of Bangladesh Awami League) and Executive Member of Bangladesh-India Friendship Society… A young lady was […]

The Cost Of Keeping A Secret…

Author Andrew Lownie has created trouble for the British Government by questioning Lord Montbatten‘s role in the Partition of the Indian Subcontinent in 1947. When a London Tribunal was hearing […]